A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 27

Perhaps this is the daily pretense of the big guys.
“Okay, let’s stop here today, thanks to Manager Xu for his hospitality. But the cash I want, please deliver it on time as scheduled.”
“Also, my identity, I don’t want to reveal it yet.”
“Mr. Ye, don’t worry, Hongqi Bank will serve you wholeheartedly!” Xu Lei replied quickly.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan walked out of the bank contentedly.
But before leaving the bank, Ye Fan looked back at those Wang Kaiwen and others who had laughed at him before, and finally his eyes fell on a young woman, with a faint smile: “You are Li Xiaohong, come out and give it to me. .”
“Me… Me?”
Hearing that Ye Fan called for himself by name, Li Xiaohong was panicked, a smiling face flushed nervously.
“Why, don’t you want it?” Ye Fan smiled warmly.
Li Xiaohong shook his head quickly and nervously said yes. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Li Xiaohong was just a young woman who had just entered society, and now she suddenly showed her favor in the face of a hidden invincible boss like Ye Fan, she was naturally panicked.
Then, in the enviable gaze of the bank staff, Li Xiaohong kept sending Ye Fan into the car.
“Your name is Li Xiaohong, the intern just here?” After returning to the bank, Xu Lei immediately found Li Xiaohong. After all, Xu Lei has been in shopping malls for a long time. It can be seen that Ye Fan treats Li Xiaohong differently from others. Based on the principle that the customer is God, Xu Lei naturally has to go for his own favor.
“Yeah.” Li Xiaohong was a little cautious and nodded immediately. It’s been almost a month since she came to the bank, and it was the first time she was summoned by Manager Xu Lei.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” Xu Lei asked again.
Li Xiaohong didn’t know why the manager asked this suddenly, but still shook his head honestly.
“Well, very good. Xiaohong, you will be my assistant in the future, specifically responsible for contact with Mr. Ye. The salary is doubled.”
“Also, you look good, so learn to dress up. Maybe, Mr. Ye would like it?”
Xu Lei left an inexplicable word, and then left with a smile.
“Xiaohong, you are going to be developed!”
“Fly on the branch to be a phoenix~”
“I envy you so much!”
“You will be rich in the future, don’t forget us sisters?”
As soon as Xu Lei left, all the small employees of the company came to congratulate Li Xiaohong.
But Wang Kaiwen on the side looked at Li Xiaohong, who was surrounded by others, but felt very uncomfortable.
Originally, this opportunity to get to know the big guy Panlong Fufeng belonged to her Wang Kaiwen, after all, she was the first bank clerk Ye Fan asked for help at the time.
But it’s a pity that I have no eyes and don’t know real people, so I missed a great opportunity to make a big man and marry a rich family.
Thinking of this, Wang Kaiwen was full of regret.
After Ye Fan left, he received a call.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, we have made an appointment to meet tonight. Where are you now? I will send someone to pick you up?” Li Er called.
A few days ago, Li Er invited Ye Fan to meet. But Ye Fan refused many times. Later, when Ye Fan saw this Li Er, he was quite sincere, so he simply agreed to meet yesterday.
“Well. Don’t bother you, you can send me the address and I can go by myself.”
“Well, Mr. Yi Xiaochu. Let’s choose the Shanshui Hall. It just so happens that there is an auction there tonight. I, Li Er, will take a look with Mr. Xiao Chu.”
Ye Fan nodded, and only answered a good word, then hung up the phone.
But at this time, another call came in, and Ye Fan saw that it was Qiu Mucheng’s.
“When will you be back at night?” Qiu Mucheng’s cold voice came from the other end of the phone.
This woman has always been like this, even if she talks to her husband, she is so cold.
“I have something to do at night, maybe I have to go back later.” Ye Fan replied angrily, but there was no sound when he said this.
“Damn, this dead girl, don’t you say a word when you hang up?” Ye Fan smiled bitterly.
“Huh, this bastard, there’s something else? If something happens, it will happen. Who will take you there? This lady will go by herself.” In the office, Qiu Mucheng just hung up the phone, but she felt resentful in her heart.
At this moment, on his desk, there are two invitations lying quietly, the address on the above is, the Shanshui Guild Hall!

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