A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 262

At this time, Liu Jiawei, full of arrogance, was also extremely satisfied with what he had just said. Not only did he successfully show his profound knowledge and elegant gentleman’s demeanor to the fullest, he also took the opportunity to belittle Ye Fan for nothing.
He secretly guessed that Ms. Chen Nan Chen had already been conquered by his elegant and profound conversation and demeanor, maybe she could not wait to kick Ye Fan into her arms.
He raised his head and saw Chen Nan’s beautiful eyes glowing because of admiration, and smiling with joy because of admiration.
Just when Liu Jiawei was ready to take Chen Nan’s hand and pull her into his arms by the hormones bursting in his heart, Ye Fan’s faint laughter sounded quietly.
“Why are you laughing?”
“You are really hopeless. You don’t feel inferior for your poverty and contempt, but you still have a face to smile here?” Liu Jiawei suddenly frowned, Ye Fan’s smile made him very unhappy.
He thought that Ye Fan would be ashamed and shameless.
But I didn’t expect this country dick to be so shameless and still laughing.
“Nothing to laugh, Master Liu’s speech just now was wonderful. There are just a few flaws, I don’t know if I should say it inappropriately?” Ye Fan smiled inexplicably.
Liu Jiawei is even more displeased: “What on earth do you want to say?” Remember to read the book for one second
“In fact, it’s nothing. I just wanted to tell Master Liu that the Eiffel Tower belongs to Paris, France, not Britain.”
“It’s nonsense! I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, don’t I know which country it belongs to?” Liu Jiawei immediately furious, then looked at Wang Yu and shouted angrily, “Wang Yu, tell this country where the Eiffel Tower is. National?”
This is the second time. Last time Ye Fan talked nonsense, Liu Jiawei endured it. But this time, he was still angry after all.
“Shao Liu, don’t be angry, wait for me to search the Internet and hit this idiot’s dog face with white and black letters!” Wang Yu actually doesn’t know which country he is from, but it doesn’t matter. If you have any questions, ask Baidu.
Soon, Wang Yu checked it out: “Smelly boy, listen with big ears. The Eiffel Tower is standing on the south bank of the Seine…”
Wang Yu read according to the Baidu Encyclopedia, but just halfway through the reading, he was stunned.
“Huh? Are you dumb, don’t you read it?” Liu Jiawei stared at Wang Yu.
But Wang Yu’s old face twitched, turned his head to look at Liu Jiawei, and said, “Shao Liu, this iron tower seems to be… French.”
When Liu Jiawei heard this, his face sank and he was furious: “You fart, this young master has been there in person, can I make a mistake?”
In anger, Liu Jiawei grabbed the phone and looked at it for himself. Then the old face was pale, and the arrogance just now faded.
Damn it, it’s really French!
Liu Jiawei’s face flushed.
However, Wang Yu just rounded off: “Um…that, Liu Shao went to a lot of countries, it’s normal to remember one wrongly. Jin is not pure, no one is perfect. Such a small flaw can’t cover our Liu Shao. Shining. Miss Chen, don’t you think?”
Chen Nan just nodded with a smile.
But Ye Fan took a sip of his tea and continued: “Um, Shao Liu, haven’t I finished talking just now?”
“Actually, there are no penguins on the Arctic ice sheet. They belong to the Antarctic.”
“Furthermore, there are no waves of the Doin 786bafb3 in the music, only the waves of the Danube.”
“If I remember correctly, there is no river in this world called the Donin. Europe only has the Danube and the Rhine.”
Ye Fan said faintly, Chen Nan on the side tried hard to control himself, but in the end he still couldn’t help but bends over with a smile, Li Xiaohong also lowered his head, suffocating hard not to laugh.
As for Liu Jiawei himself, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, his old face had turned into pig liver, and his face was as ugly as it was.
Is this a face slap?
This is really kicking!
At this moment, Liu Jiawei was almost crazy, his old face flushed, and there was no place to show himself.

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