A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 263

“You hillbilly, are you talking nonsense here?”
“I really thought that if we got one right, we would believe your nonsense?”
“You have to force one yourself, Jiangdong, you have never stepped out. You are a frog at the bottom of the well, who gave you the courage to teach Shao Liu here?”
Wang Yu was angry again, gritted his teeth and cursed at Ye Fan.
In the end, it seemed that to prove that Ye Fan was talking nonsense, Wang Yu picked up the phone again and searched it online.
“You are so poor, give you some spring breeze and you will be brilliant?”
“Today, I have to smash your dog face to let you know if there are penguins in the Arctic and Doin River in Europe!!!”
“A poor dick from the country, still pretending to be knowledgeable here? Are you not afraid of pretending to be a bad pen?”
Wang Yu obviously didn’t believe Ye Fan’s nonsense just now.
After all, how much knowledge can a countryman have? First URL m.
He had a good luck once before. Could it be possible to get another right?
When he sneered, Wang Yu read to the phone again.
“Penguin, known as the “Ship of the Sea”, is one of the oldest swimming birds. Before the earth was put on ice armor, it was already in the south…”
“Ciao, Antarctica?”
Just now, Wang Yu, who was extremely arrogant and ready to slap Ye Fan’s face, felt a little awkward when he saw this, but he still forcedly explained, “It seems that there are penguins in the South Pole, but the North Pole may not be there. Liu Shao, you Don’t worry, I’ll check it for you again, I have to hit that hillbilly in the face!”
Wang Yu continued his investigation. This time he directly searched for penguins in the Arctic.
“Mom, there are really no penguins in the Arctic?”
Wang Yu’s old face suddenly twitched, apparently he didn’t expect Ye Fan to be right again.
“It’s okay, Shao Liu. Antarctica is only one word short of the North Pole, they are almost the same. But there must be more Yinhe River in Europe, I will check it for you.”
Wang Yu originally wanted to shoot Liu Jiawei’s flattery, but he didn’t get the shot of the horse’s hoof. Seeing Liu Jiawei’s face was already displeased, Wang Yu hurriedly wanted to save it and continue to investigate Duoyinhe.
However, after seeing the information on the Internet.
Wang Yu suddenly slammed.
“Ciao, Shao Liu, Europe really doesn’t have much Yinhe.”
“Only the Rhine and Danube?”
Wang Yu was obviously dumbfounded.
I was thinking of slapping Ye Fan in the face, but now it’s all right, he made up Liu Jiawei’s face again.
Chen Nan had already laughed so hard that Li Xiaohong suffocated, but in the end he didn’t hold it back, so he laughed out loud. Only Ye Fan himself, with a faint smile on his mouth, was drinking tea calmly.
As for Liu Jiawei, his face turned green into shit.
“You idiot, shut up!”
Liu Jiawei was so angry that Wang Yu, an idiot, still thinks that his ugliness is not big enough?
At this time, Liu Jiawei felt ashamed, his face flushed.
I wanted to behave in front of my favorite sister paper, but who ever thought, self-defeatingly, made a big joke.
“This damn country boy, wait, I won’t kill you for a while?!”
Liu Jiawei looked at Ye Fan who was still drinking tea in front of him, and his teeth tickled with hatred.
Ye Fan made him show such a big ugly, still in front of the girl he likes, Liu Jiawei can’t wait to strip him alive.
However, Ye Fan only found it funny.
He secretly estimated that Liu Jiawei might be the young master of an upstart family.
From the very beginning, Ye Fan could see that this guy’s self-cultivation and profound knowledge are all pretentious.

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