A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 264

If he comes from a wealthy family, even if he has a bit of a dullness as a child of a wealthy family, the cultivation and experience that has been swayed by the family is bound to be far beyond ordinary people, and it will definitely not make such a joke.
Only the kind of nouveau riche family with little background will have disciples who have no education and experience.
In fact, b544a644 is just as Ye Fan guessed, this Liu Jiawei is really a nouveau riche.
A few decades ago, his parents were only poor peasants in the countryside, and later made a living by mining coal. In this kind of upstart family, the parents have no education and do not pay attention to the education and cultivation of their children. Just like Liu Jiawei, he came out of society without graduating from junior high school.
Those words just now were just memorized from the book in order to pretend to be coaxing sister paper.
It’s just that this guy is obviously a scumbag and has a wrong back.
This made a fool of myself.
After that, Liu Jiawei became more honest, his face gloomy, and stopped talking.
After Wang Yu was scolded, he was also panicked and immersed himself in eating, but he dared not say any more.
Later, after everyone had a bite to eat, they were also ready to leave.
After Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei exchanged glances, Wang Yu immediately got up and looked at Ye Fan: “Brother Ye, I know you don’t have much money. Liu Shao invited this meal, but there are a few bottles of wine that I haven’t drunk yet. , I can’t finish the move myself, you help me move it to the front desk and retire, are you okay?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“As for Xiaohong, and Miss Chen Nan, you go out with Shao Liu first, and wait outside. Brother Ye Fan and I will go to you soon.”
Chen Nan glanced at Ye Fan, and when he saw Ye Fan nod, he followed Wang Yu’s instructions and waited outside first.
And Ye Fan followed Wang Yu to the restaurant lobby to check out the wine.
However, when the bill was settled and ready to leave, suddenly seven or eight big men, with guys in their hands, blocked the entire entrance of the restaurant.
At the same time, a bald man, holding a young woman dressed up in an enchanting manner, slowly walked down the stairs.
The upper body of the young woman was a pink tube top shirt dress, and the pride on her chest was so plump. As the waves went downstairs, she was really worried that she would jump out of her clothes in the next moment.
Under the black short skirt, flesh-colored stockings and long legs are particularly sexy.
In this way, the bald man took the plump woman in his arms and went downstairs.
“Is he the person Liu Shao wants to deal with?” After the bald man went downstairs, he asked lightly while playing with the enchanting young woman in his arms.
Wang Yu quickly respectfully stepped forward: “Yes, Brother Zhao, that’s him.”
“Well, I know. You go. Take people’s money and help them eliminate disasters, and I will take care of them.” The bald man said indifferently, with a very high posture.
Upon seeing this, Wang Yu quickly thanked him: “Then I would like to thank Brother Zhao.”
After speaking, Wang Yu turned his head and left. Before leaving, he coldly cursed at Ye Fan: “You country bumpkin, wait for you to die!”
“Tell us Liu Shao to grab a woman, can’t you play with you?”
Wang Yu smiled wantonly and walked away. After leaving the restaurant, I went to a round with Wang Yu and the others.
“Uncle Wang, where is my brother Xiao Fan?”
On the side of the road, when Wang Yu came back alone, Chen Nan was suddenly puzzled and asked a thousand questions.
Li Xiaohong is also a little worried.
Wang Yu laughed haha: “It’s okay, Miss Chen. Your boyfriend met a friend here, and the two chatted, and they said let us go to the meeting place first, and then we will meet up later.”
“Don’t worry, Brother Xiaofan is fine.”
Wang Yu laughed and greeted everyone to the Wuhui venue.
Upon seeing this, Liu Jiawei smiled triumphantly when he knew that the matter was done.
“Yeah, Nan Nan. Let’s go to the venue first. The Wuhui will begin soon. I didn’t sit down when I was late. Brother Xiaofan is such an adult, it’s okay.”
Under the persuasion of several people, Chen Nan didn’t think much, so he followed Liu Jiawei and the others to the venue.
The martial arts meeting tonight is about the life and death of her father, so she can’t be absent.
As for Ye Fan, with his ability, Chen Nan felt that nothing should happen.

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