A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 266

“Huh?” Zhao Lichun frowned, “San Ye Lei has been in charge of Jingzhou for decades. He is the leader of Jingzhou. He is a famous big man in Jiangdong Province. , No one knows, no one disrespects, no one knows!”
“I, Zhao Lichun, of course not as good as him.”
Anning County, backed by Jingzhou.
Even if Zhao Lichun lives in this small county town, the name Lei San Ye of Jingzhou is undoubtedly like thunder.
Sanye Lei, that is the sky in Jingzhou.
No matter how arrogant and mad, Zhao Lichun would definitely not dare to compete with Lei Sanye?
However, what made Zhao Lichun puzzled was why the hillbilly in front of him suddenly mentioned the name of Lei San Ye in Jingzhou.
Hearing Zhao Lichun’s words, Ye Fan’s mouth smiled even more.
At the next moment, his expression was suddenly cold!
“It seems that you still know that you are inferior to him!”
“Let me die?” Starting URL m.
“The third Lei didn’t dare to say this in front of me. What kind of thing do you dare to say to me?”
With anger like thunder, Ye Fan’s words blasted loudly in the hall.
With a squeak, Zhao Lichun stood up, his face changed drastically: “Huh?”
“Could it be that you know San Ye Lei?”
“Otherwise? Amidst the rivers and seas, Lei Laosan bowed to my Prime Minister, and Lei Aoting, the prince of the Lei family, knelt down and begged me for mercy. You are not as good as him and dare to insult me?” Ye Fan drank coldly. Obviously, Zhao Lichun’s arrogance also completely angered Ye Fan.
At this time, everyone was slightly startled.
Zhao Lichun’s eyebrows were also uncertain, and stared at Ye Fan with a stern face: “Smelly boy, are you fooling me?”
“You are a hillbilly, where’s the qualification to make Sanye Lei respect you and fear you?”
Ye Fan sneered: “Really? If that’s the case, then I’ll let you know more clearly.”
While speaking, Ye Fan picked up his cell phone and looked at Zhao Lichun: “This is Lei San’s call. Since you don’t believe me, let him tell you.”
Later, Ye Fan broadcasted it and turned on the speakerphone.
At this time, there was no sound in the hall, and everyone looked at the young man in front of him in a daze. Even Zhao Lichun, looking at Ye Fan’s so confident look, began to beat the drum in his heart, showing fear.
Could it be that the hillbilly in front of me really knew Lei Sanye?
Finally, the call was made.
A deep voice came from the phone.
Ye Fan looked at it proudly, while Zhao Lichun and others frowned and listened in panic.
“Sorry, the call you dialed is turned off. Sorry…”
Second Austria!
Ye Fan’s face turned black at the time.
However, Zhao Lichun and others laughed loudly after a moment of silence.
“I thought it was a king, but it turned out to be an evil pen~”
“I found a phone number that was turned off and called, thinking we would believe it?”
“It’s like an idiot!”
“This hillbilly, I’m so crazy, I’m laughing so hard~”
Zhao Lichun and the others all smiled and looked at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
“Boy, the farce should end.”
“We gave you a chance, but you don’t know how to cherish it, so you dare to play with us?”
“Wait for death.” Like a death sentence, Zhao Lichun waved his hand, and his men immediately rushed up.
Ring Ring Ring~
However, at this moment, Ye Fan’s cell phone rang suddenly, which shocked everyone.
“Cao Nima, turn your hands off!” Zhao Lichun cursed.
However, Ye Fan glanced down, then smiled, raised his phone, and said lightly: “Lao Lei is calling.”
“As for whether I am bluffing, you can ask yourself.”
With a chuckle, Ye Fan threw the phone over.

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