A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 267

In the hall.
Ye Fan’s phone has been thrown to Zhao Lichun.
Zhao Lichun looked down and saw that the caller ID on Ye Fan’s phone was really Lei San.
“Boss, this guy bluffed us.”
“What is he doing?”
“Just interrupt his dog legs.”
In the restaurant, the others were smiling. He looked at Ye Fan as if he was an idiot.
After all, Ye Fan was just a poor countryman, and he looked like a fledgling brat. This kind of people, even if they follow them, can at best be a foolish dog.
He said he knew Lei Sanye from Jingzhou?
And let Sanye Lei pay his respects?
Let Prince Lei kneel to beg for mercy? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Lie to the ghost.
Idiots believe his nonsense.
Those big guys e56b75d0 grinned slyly, and then walked up to dry Ye Fan.
However, Zhao Lichun stretched out his hand at this time and stopped them.
“Smelly boy, pretending to be like.”
“Well, I will play with you.”
“I want to see, when will you play this scene?”
While talking, Zhao Lichun also answered the phone.
And turned on the hands-free, the sound was turned to the maximum, so that everyone can hear.
“Hi, but Mr. Chu?” An old man’s respectful voice came on the phone.
Zhao Lichun did not answer directly, but directly asked who the other party was.
“I’m Lei San?”
“Laosan Lei of Jingzhou, have you forgotten Mr. Chu? We just met.” Laosan Lei said with doubts.
Zhao Lichun smiled immediately: “Hahaha~”
“Brothers, he said he was Lei San.”
“Do you believe it?”
Zhao Lichun and others laughed, the laughter was full of sarcasm. It looks like the biggest joke in the world.
Even the coquettish girl in Zhao Lichun’s arms covered her mouth and smiled, trembling wildly.
“Are you not Mr. Chu?”
“who are you?”
“Where is Mr. Chu?”
When Lei Laosan heard this, he clearly noticed something was wrong, and his tone sank suddenly, becoming a lot colder and more dignified.
“who am I?”
“I am your father.”
“Good son, screaming father, maybe I will spare the Mr. Chu in your mouth.”
“Hahaha~” Zhao Lichun’s words immediately caused everyone to laugh.
They look like they are playing with an idiot.
“Who are you anyway?”
“How dare to talk to me like Lei San?”
“I think you don’t want to continue mixing in this world.” Lei Lao San was obviously already angry, and his words were full of chill. The majesty and coldness rushed to his face even through the phone.
“I’m going, what a majesty!”
“Are you still Lei San?”
“If you are Sanye Lei, I would be your father!”
“Dare to put on airs at me here.”
“Is it really scary when I am Zhao Lichun?!”
Zhao Lichun cursed coldly, his eyes full of sarcasm.
“I said, I’m Lei San.” On the phone, the person repeated again.
Zhao Lichun sneered: “I also said, I am your father.”
“I’m really Lei San.”
“I’m really your father.”
“Are you looking for death?!” The low male voice on the other end of the phone became colder.
But you can clearly hear the suppressed anger under the words.
It can be seen that the person on the other end of the phone is already on the verge of anger.
Like a tumbling active volcano, it seems that the next moment, it will gush out.
“Presumptuous, you son of a dog, how dare you speak to dad like this?” Zhao Lichun pretended to be angry, and then smiled.

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