A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 268

In the hall, the others were almost laughing.
“Boss, are you too funny?”
“Killing me.”
“I guess that old man will soon be broken by you, right?”
In front of Ye Fan, those mighty and majestic big guys listened to Zhao Lichun’s almost playing tricks, already laughing and bending over, and couldn’t straighten up at all.
“Brother Zhao, you are really necrotic~”
“It’s so bad.”
The coquettish young woman also giggled, thinking that her man was not only rich and powerful, but also funny and humorous.
The coquettish young woman immediately feels very happy to be favored by such a man. Remember to read in one second
Zhao Lichun also sneered. Afterwards, he was obviously not going to play with the other party anymore, and his tone suddenly became cold and harsh.
“I have something to do, so I won’t play with your dog son.”
“But to remind you, this is also on the phone. If you are in front of me and say that just now, I promise you will not see the sun tomorrow.”
“Furthermore, I have to tell you today that in Anning County, I am the heaven here. The “Mr. Chu” in your mouth, if he provokes me, he will be finished today.”
“I can’t save him!”
Zhao Lichun’s words were full of arrogance. Domineering words reverberated throughout the restaurant. Majesty is sweeping all over the place.
After speaking, Zhao Lichun snapped and hung up the phone.
Lei San on the other end, his old face was extremely angry.
“Youngest, what’s wrong with you?”
“Why is your face so ugly?” The second Li who was next to him saw it, and suddenly asked in confusion.
Lao San ignored him, but with a gloomy face, he said, “You go to the meeting place first, I will take care of something, and I will go to you immediately.”
After speaking, Lei Laosan immediately got in the car and made a phone call.
“Ayu, here in Anning County, you are in charge. Do you know Zhao Lichun?”
“Find his location and send it over.”
“Also, in five minutes, pull all the brothers over.”
“Yes, just Anning County.”
“Today, Lei San, I want to clean up the door!”
“It seems that my old man Lei has been low-key for too long. Even an unknown cat and dog dare to break ground on my head.”
Old Lei San’s face was full of sorrow, and a bit of killing intent appeared in his eyes.
For many years, Lei Laosan has been behind the scenes ever since he completely took charge of Jingzhou. He has never been so angry as he is now!
The wheels were speeding, and a black Land Rover Range Rover was sprinting towards a restaurant.
At the same time, the entire underground world of Anning County was agitated.
Dozens of vans, like flood discharges, rushed on the streets of Anning County.
Like a pilgrim believer, but also like a courtier.
The surging aura swept across the four directions, converging towards the same place!
Only if, Baichuanhuihai.
Anning County, which was originally peaceful, throbbed in an instant.
However, Zhao Lichun and others still don’t know all this outside.
“Smelly boy, die.” Zhao Lichun gave an order and was about to take action.
However, Ye Fan chuckled slightly: “Brother Zhao, right? Why not wait and see?”
“What are you looking at?” Zhao Lichun frowned.
“Look at the person just now, is it the real Lei Sanye or the fake Lei Sanye.”
“If it’s true, at most five minutes, he should be able to get here. If five minutes are up, he hasn’t come yet. I don’t need Brother Zhao to do it, and I will finish it myself.”
“Well, dare you gamble with me?” Ye Fan was still calm, and Zhao Lichun didn’t see any panic or panic from his expression.
“Bet you are paralyzed!”
“Boss, this guy is delaying time, don’t believe his nonsense.” The subordinate yelled, and he was about to go up to Ye Fan.
But after Zhao Lichun pondered for a moment, he said solemnly: “Okay!”
“I will bet with you today.”
“It’s five minutes. If Lei Sanye doesn’t arrive, you will have your legs at your own expense!”
The deep words echoed everywhere.
Outside the window, there was a strong wind blowing, three thousand vegetation, rustling.

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