A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 269

Time passed by.
Seeing, five minutes are about to pass.
However, outside the restaurant, it was still calm, except for the tourists who came and went, no one else came.
Zhao Lichun hugged the woman and sat there, still eating peanuts leisurely.
As for Ye Fan, his expression was calm, with his hands in his pockets, quietly waiting for the passage of time every minute.
“Smelly boy, kind of pretend?”
“I think when you can pretend to be?”
Zhao Lichun snorted, eyes full of disdain and sarcasm.
From the beginning to the end, Ye Fan had never been in his eyes, and naturally he had never believed in Ye Fan’s nonsense.
The reason why he stayed with Ye Fan was only because he wanted Ye Fan to break his legs.
After all, if they did, Ye Fan would have to cause some trouble if he stabbed the matter to the government. First URL m.
But if Ye Fan broke his legs, even if the police came, he would not be held accountable.
Finally, as time points to 7:35 in the evening.
Zhao Lichun smiled, “Hillboy, it’s five minutes.”
“However, the third master Lei you waited for did not arrive.”
“Do it yourself.”
134f5d17 “A countryman, you are humble and mean, and dare to pretend to be forceful in front of me?”
“This is how you end.”
Zhao Lichun smiled lightly, eating peanuts while playing with the girl in his arms.
Ye Fan also smiled: “Yes, five minutes is here.”
“Your death date, I’m afraid it will come.”
“Smelly boy, are you looking for death?”
Ye Fan’s words made Zhao Lichun and the others furious immediately, and they no longer had the patience anymore. After an order, his subordinates immediately rushed forward.
However, at this moment, outside the restaurant, there was a roar of engines.
The earth trembled, and the roar of tires rubbing against the earth resounded throughout the world.
Then, with a bang, the door of the restaurant was kicked open.
The black suppressed a group of people, but they just rushed in like a torrent of steel. The leader among them was a flat-headed man.
Zhao Lichun’s men were suddenly shocked, and the enchanting young woman was also taken aback, got up and cursed.
“Where is the dog thing that doesn’t have eyes!”
“Brother Zhao’s place, you dare to…”
However, when Zhao Lichun saw the leading man, his heart trembled, his face changed drastically, and he slid from his seat with a slap, and slapped the coquettish woman in his arms to the ground.
“Brother Zhao, what are you doing?” The woman covered her face, her apricot eyes flushed, and she almost cried.
“Grass mud horse, close your dog’s mouth!”
Zhao Lichun cursed, his whole person was almost scared to pee. He ran over and smiled respectfully: “Brother Yu, why are you here?”
“You want to come, say it early. I must have a good place here, good wine, good food and beautiful girls, and they will be prepared for you!”
“Look at you who came here suddenly, you don’t have much preparation to be a brother.”
Zhao Lichun’s face was flattering, where there was still the slightest majesty when facing Ye Fan before.
No way, this man with a flat head called “Brother Yu” in front of him, but a celebrity under Lei Sanye, helped Lei Sanye control several counties under his control. The reason why Zhao Lichun can mix up in Anning County is also on weekdays. It’s all covered by this brother Yu.
The two have a very good personal relationship, and they do not miss out on weekdays.
There were several beauties around Brother Yu who were collected by Zhao Lichun and then sent to them.
However, as soon as Zhao Lichun finished speaking, the flat-headed man kicked Zhao Lichun’s stomach and kicked him over again.
“Get ready to die, you!”
“Do you dare to insult anyone if you don’t know what to do?”
The straight-headed man scolded angrily.
Zhao Lichun lay on the ground, a little confused at first, just about to ask why.
However, the flat-headed man ignored him, and then led a group of his men, standing on both sides, bending over, and bowing to the outside of the restaurant.
“Welcome, Sanye!”
“Welcome, Sanye~”

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