A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 28

“Ye Fan, you bastard, dare to refuse this lady, and this lady will never call you again.”
At this point, almost all the people in Qiu Shui Logistics Company had left work, and only Qiu Mucheng was left in the entire office.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng was going crazy. Today, a business friend gave her two invitation letters for the auction. Qiu Mucheng wanted to call Ye Fan to accompany her, but who could have imagined that this bastard would say something was going on at night.
“Huh, something is wrong with you!”
“Never even think about going out with this lady again.”
Qiu Mucheng was very angry. Although she didn’t directly ask Ye Fan to go to the auction with her, couldn’t that bastard guess, if she was okay, would she ask him what time he would return?
As long as she has a little emotional intelligence, she will definitely guess that she is calling him suddenly.
“Huh, this wood, no wonder the virgin has been so many years.”
With full of resentment, Qiu Mucheng stepped on her high heels and left.
He went home first and changed his clothes. After all, tonight’s auction will be able to participate in some famous ladies and dignitaries in the upper circle. As Qiu Family is the Third Miss, Qiu Mucheng naturally has to dress up and never embarrass Qiu Family.
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On the other side, Ye Fan was walking in the direction of the Landscape Garden, while thinking.
“I don’t know that Xu Lei is reliable or unreliable. If she reveals my identity, my ten-year plan will most likely be exposed.”
Ye Fan undoubtedly knew the energy of the Chu family very well.
If anyone in the Chu family learns that he is carrying a lot of wealth, he will definitely investigate his source of funds, and if he goes along the way, Mr. Han’s identity will undoubtedly be exposed.
“It seems that I have to find time to contact Old Han. There are some things that I have to guard against.”
Before Ye Fan was thinking about it, he had already arrived at the Landscape Garden.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, are you here?”
Li had been waiting at the door two and a half hours ago. After seeing Ye Fan, he immediately ran over to greet him. The flattering appearance was just to stare at the group of subordinates behind him.
Is this the second master Li of Yunzhou?
Isn’t this the big Yunzhou guy who is megatron black and white?
Amidst the stunned gazes of all his subordinates, Li Er greeted Ye Fan into the Landscape Garden.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, I manage the subordinates in the Shen family inadequately. In the future, I, Li Er, promise that I will never allow similar things to happen again.” Li Er slapped his chest and turned to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan smiled: “Remember what you said today.”
During the conversation between the two, Li Er had already taken Ye Fan into the lobby of the Landscape Garden.
The Landscape Garden is also a well-known high-end entertainment club in Yunzhou. It is only open to members on weekdays. Unless there are people with a face, they don’t even have the qualifications to enter this club.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, there will be an auction here in a while. If there is anything you are satisfied with, just say it. I, Li Er, will win it for Mr. Chu.”
In the hall, many people have gathered. All of them are well-dressed and elegant in temperament. At first glance, they are distinguished people with a good background. They are holding red wine glasses and talking in twos and threes.
“What a nice view!”
“Just like a fairy?”
“Who is this beauty!”
However, at this moment, the originally noisy hall was completely silent, and many people’s eyes were attracted by the purple skirt woman at the door, and they looked over.
Ye Fan was naturally no exception, following everyone’s gaze, Ye Fan’s eyes suddenly widened in the next moment.

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