A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 276

“Where is Mr. Chu, the hairy boy whom you had high hopes for?”
“Didn’t you still believe that Mr. Chu is capable of turning the tide?”
“Why are you afraid now?”
“Changed on the spot?”
“Don’t, we have all prepared the coffin for your Mr. Chu, why did you change it?”
When Zao Wuji saw that the young man sitting next to Chen Ao was not Ye Fan, but a gray-robed old man, he shook his head and smiled, his eyes full of sarcasm.
Chen Ao glanced at it and snorted coldly, “Mr. Chu is a dragon that never sees the end. The real strong will naturally not appear easily.”
“As for the master of Xinghe Pavilion, he is also the strong one we invited. He first appeared on the scene to help Mr. Chu explore the bottom of Wu Herong. Why, does Mr. Zhao have any comments on my arrangement?”
Chen Ao asked back.
However, without waiting for Zao Wou-ki’s answer, the old man in military uniform beside him suddenly replied in a deep voice: “The weak will play tricks.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“The strong, let’s move forward!”
“A mere Wu Herong, why not go to the bottom? I lost myself with a punch.”
“What is the shackle, it is crushed.”
“Crying, looking forward and backward, you will undoubtedly lose!”
This person’s words fell, but here the world was domineering, a cold and majestic aura stood facing b64637b6, even Xing He himself frowned slightly, as if facing an enemy.
This momentum alone, the old man in uniform in front of him, is already extraordinary!
“Well said~” Zao Wou-ki immediately clapped and applauded, and at the same time smiled at Chen Ao, who was on his side, and smiled proudly.
“Mr. Chen, have you seen it? This is the demeanor of a master.”
“The strong, let’s move forward!”
“Which is like the so-called Mr. Chu you invited, who still lets people explore the way?”
“It’s a native chicken style!”
“By the way, President Chen, I haven’t introduced you to it yet.”
“This old gentleman, I spent 100 million yuan, the military master, the chief instructor of the three services, Meng Baichuan!”
“Hundreds of thousands of troops in the military area, use him as a teacher!”
“In front of Chief Instructor Meng, the Mr. Chu in your mouth is nothing but a tiny little boy. It is estimated that with one palm, he will be shot to pieces by Instructor Meng.”
Zao Wou-ki’s eyes were full of sarcasm.
Chen Ao didn’t reply, but the solemnness in his heart became more intense.
No wonder, he felt a general style in this Meng Baichuan.
Unexpectedly, he turned out to be the chief instructor of the military region who trained hundreds of thousands of troops!
Now, I’m afraid it will be difficult.
Chen Ao was worried.
“Okay, President Chen. It’s getting late. Let’s stop chatting. We should also invite Wu Herong to show up.”
“After resolving Wu Herong, the grievances between us, take this opportunity to do the calculations.” Zhao Wou-ki suddenly got up, with a malicious smile, but invited Chen Ao to step forward with him.
The two looked around and drank together.
“Ten years of grievances, a thousand days of honor and disgrace.”
“Wu Herong, your grievance with our Jiangdong should be over long ago.”
“Show up!”
“All the debts of the year will be forgotten in a few days!”
The words were strong, Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki’s low voices echoed the world for a long time.
At this time, there was no sound in the hall.
Everyone stopped breathing and looked around in panic and panic.
Qiu Mucheng was full of doubts, Susie also looked around, Wang Yu, Liu Jiawei and others were also full of solemn eyes.
Everyone is curious as to what kind of character it is that the big Jiangdong guys gathered here.
Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki all came in person, and the whole Jiangdong forces all came out to fight together?
Who is this person?

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