A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 29

“Why is this woman here?”
“Who is that man?”
“Damn, this woman won’t mess around outside behind my back!”
After seeing Qiu Mucheng and a man dressed like a dog next to her, Ye Fan’s complexion was not good at the time.
At this time, the lights suddenly dimmed, and the auction was about to begin, and everyone looked back and took their seats.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, the auction will begin soon. Let’s go to the crystal room and wait.” Li Er said diligently, but at this moment Ye Fan listened to his nonsense, his eyes were always on his wife Qiu Mucheng. Body. Both eyes must breathe fire.
Li Er on the side obviously felt that Ye Fan’s expression was a bit wrong, and couldn’t help asking in confusion, “Mr. Xiao Chu, what’s the matter with you?”
“It’s okay. I won’t go to the private room. You can help me get a seat over there, right behind the woman in the purple dress. Yes, that’s the most beautiful woman. Also, get me a mask.”
For any auction, masks are almost a must. Especially for those buyers who do not want to reveal their identity. Just like lottery winners usually wear masks when receiving prizes, mainly for the safety of buyers.
A few minutes later, Ye Fan mixed into the crowd wearing a mask. First URL m.
“Mucheng, the auction is about to begin, shall we take a seat first?” Lin Qian smiled and said to the woman beside her. Beside Lin Qian, it was the man dressed like a dog that Ye Fan saw just now. But Ye Fan didn’t know that this man was actually Lin Qian’s husband.
Qiu Mucheng nodded, and the three of them sat down. However, none of them noticed. Soon after they took their seats, a figure leaned against them and sat down.
“Mucheng, since we graduated from university, we have rarely seen each other. I remember, the last time we met was shortly after you got married three years ago.”
“It was still raining at the time. You were waiting for the bus on the side of the road, and you were very embarrassed. My husband and I, Wang Yu, took you home. Now, I didn’t expect to see you in a few years. You were invited to join this upper class circle. At the auction, it seems that Mucheng has also been successful in the past few years, and she has become a rich man.”
Lin Qian smiled faintly, but in that tone, there was a bit of inexplicable sharpness, it seemed that Qiu Mucheng was doing well, and she felt uncomfortable in her heart.
However, Qiu Mucheng shook her head and smiled again and again: “Where am I from a rich person? My invitation letter was sent by a friend, so I just came to see the world…”
Lin Qian also smiled and said: “Yes. You are married to a husband of that kind. As you are, it is impossible for you to be eligible to be invited to participate in such auctions. You are tainted by your friends.
“By the way, why didn’t you see your husband? Why, are you embarrassed to be afraid of being hit?”
Lin Qian asked with a smile. When she said this topic, Lin Qian was full of pride and superiority. Afterwards, it seemed that she was deliberately acting for Qiu Mucheng, but when Lin Qian spoke, she leaned her face against her husband’s shoulder, lovingly.
The next second, Lin Qian suddenly screamed: “Ah, my husband, the 500,000 diamond ring you bought me is dirty~”
While speaking, Lin Qian deliberately stretched out her finger and placed it in front of her eyes. The diamonds of dozens of carats shone brightly under the light.
Wang Yu gently kissed Lin Qian’s hand: “My dear, it’s okay. If it gets dirty, it will get dirty, and my husband will buy you a better one later.”
“Wow, my husband is so nice. Kiss me~”
Lin Qian and his wife are more affectionate, and they don’t care about the paler Qiu Mucheng on the side.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng hid her hands in her arms, and on her fingers, the ring of only two thousand yuan was bleak.
“Huh? Mucheng, you haven’t answered me yet, how about your husband, didn’t you come with you?” After showing off the ring in her hand, Lin Qian asked again on purpose.
Qiu Mucheng returned in embarrassment, but her words were obviously unassuming: “Well, no, he has something to do at home.”
“Mucheng, this can’t work. A man, if he wants to be successful again, he must come and see the world and increase his knowledge.”
“In our upper-class circles, there is a saying, “As much knowledge as possible, there is so much ability.”
“Like me, last year I took Qianqian to fifteen countries and spent nearly a million. Of course, this is only a small amount of money, and I spent it when I spent it, mainly because I increased my experience.”
“Otherwise, like your husband, holding back the size of the house all day, and being a frog at the bottom of a well, what can you do in the future?”
Wang Yu said lightly, pretending to be like a successful godfather.

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