A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 281

Outside the hall, there are heavy traffic and pedestrians on the road.
In the distant horizon, there are clouds gathering, and the sky is very gloomy.
It has been two days, but the rain still hasn’t fallen.
At this time, the small county under Mount Tai is still as usual, calm and serene.
However, a few people know that in the Taishan Guild Hall, the boxing match that determines the life and death of Jiangdong is going on.
Under the attention of all the people, the two giant punches were bumped against each other.
The low boom, like a muffled thunder, blasted in everyone’s ears.
There was no obstruction, everyone saw that after the two men met with iron fists, Meng Baichuan’s right fist was smashed immediately, causing a comminuted fracture. The entire right arm seemed to be broken, and he slumped down.
Meng Baichuan screamed immediately, but it trembled in all directions. First URL m.
However, Wu Herong’s punch, after breaking Meng Baichuan’s arm, remained undiminished, and directly hit Meng Baichuan’s chin.
A beautiful uppercut!
Meng Baichuan’s body of several hundred catties was directly provoked by Wu Herong with a punch, and blood mixed with broken teeth and money was sprayed in the air.
After hitting Fei Meng Baichuan with a punch, Wu Herong stepped onto the ground and jumped.
As if an eagle hit the sky, Wu Herong’s legs violently rose, a dragon waved its tail, and turned around and kicked it hard.
With a heavy kick, he kicked Meng Baichuan’s chest fiercely, and Wu Herong directly kicked Meng Baichuan’s rib amid the cracking of his muscles and bones.
Then, in the shock and violent gaze of everyone, I saw that Meng Baichuan was like a waste dog, and he was directly kicked out by Wu Herong.
Hundreds of catties hit the hard wall of the Taishan Guild Hall, and he smashed it through?
Between the cracks of the high wall, Wu Herong’s blood-filled body flew directly from the Taishan Guild Hall to the street outside. With a crash, it hit the ground, but vomited blood all over the floor.
At this time, a heavy truck whizzed in and rushed past Wu Herong directly.
When Zao Wou-ki’s people rushed past, Meng Baichuan was already bloodless, and he couldn’t die anymore. When carried into the hall, only a puddle of mud remained.
Deathly silence.
Looking at the bloody Meng Baichuan, the whole hall was silent.
Only the cold, cold wind outside blew in through the broken wall.
Zao Wou-ki was already confused.
Everyone lost their voices in panic!
Who would have thought that Meng Baichuan, who was pretending to be domineering and preparing to kill Huaxiong with warm wine, was kicked to death with two punches and kicks!
Before he even screamed, he was crushed to pieces by the heavy truck on the road, and the whole body was not left.
“Wu Herong, why…how is it so strong?”
Many people are already dumbfounded, their faces pale.
As for Zao Wou-Ki himself, he was even more dumbfounded, his old face was astonished.
He was stunned in the same place, looking at Meng Baichuan who was crushed into mud under his feet, as if a slap was severely smeared on his face, his old face was flushed, and there was no place to show himself!
A second ago, he was still saying that Meng Baichuan Guan Gong was alive and that Meng Baichuan’s Wenjiu cut Huaxiong was so domineering, but he was kicked under the truck by Wu Herong, which was directly rolled into mud.
Such a shocking flip made Zao Wou-ki himself stunned.
Until now, he could not accept what was in front of him.
“I’m so laughing!”
“Zao Wou-Ki, is this what you call Guan Gong alive?”
“What is the chief instructor of the three services that you hired for 100 million yuan?”
“I was kicked to death with two punches and kicks as soon as I went on the field.”
“I think it’s a shameless pen, right?”
“It’s just one!”
“Going up is also embarrassing~”
Li Lao Er and the others almost laughed, mocking Zao Wuji.
Chen Ao also smiled Changshuang: “Haha~”
“Come here, bring the coffin prepared by Mr. Zhao and collect the body for the instructor of Meng University.”

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