A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 282

“Mr. Zhao is really clever, knowing that the person he is looking for is a Caibian and will be beaten to death, so he prepared the coffin early.”
“I admire this vision~”
Chen Ao and others couldn’t help laughing.
At this time, Zao Wou-ki blushed into a pig’s hoof, and almost had a dying heart.
“Meng Baichuan, this waste~”
“It’s enough to force one dish, what did you pretend to be?”
Although Meng Baichuan was dead, Zao Wou-ki still cursed angrily in his heart.
Now he seems to have become a joke for the entire Jiangdong.
“But Chen Ao, my person is dead, you don’t have to be happy.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“In front of Wu Herong, you and I are in the same boat.”
“Everything is prosperous, and everything is lost.”
“If we Jiangdong can’t help Wu Herong, then not only will I die, but Chen Ao will not survive.” Zao Wou-ki said coldly.
However, Chen Ao faintly replied: “Zao Wou-ki, it is too early to say this.”
“Your dependence is dead, but my dependence is still there.”
“Huh?” Zao Wou-Ki was shocked, “Do you have any other players?”
Chen Ao sneered: “I told you earlier that I really rely on Xinghe, not the master of the martial arts hall, but Mr. Chu.”
“Mr. Chu?” Hearing this, Zao Wuji suddenly smiled, as if he had heard a big joke, “You mean that stinky boy?”
“Mr. Chen, you are afraid that you are teasing me.”
“The chief instructor of the three services is a character who can’t do anything about it. You told me that you are pinning your hopes on a stinky yellow-haired boy?”
“It’s a big laugh.”
“That guy, I’m afraid he’s scared away like that old man.”
“Maybe you are still sitting in the same car?” Zao Wou-ki sneered.
However, Chen Ao ignored him.
At this time, in the arena, Wu Herong was still standing proudly. He looked around the audience, disregarding the heroes, and exclaimed: “This Jiangdong, who else can be against me?”
The violent gale engulfed the strong domineering, but it swept across the world.
The crowd of people lost their voices in fear, and no one dared to speak.
Qiu Mucheng and Susie’s faces were pale, and Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei were also panicked.
However, just as the entire hall was panicking and discoloration, under the gaze of everyone, Chen Ao stepped down from the high stage, facing the audience from all sides, bowed and fisted and drank, the voice of respect entrusted with expectations, in a moment , Echoed throughout the hall.
“Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong!”
After Chen Ao walked out, Lao Er Li also stepped forward, bends down likewise, and respectfully bowed to the front: “Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong!”
Lei Lao San clasped his fists with both hands, and he drank in a deep voice. The respectful voice echoed all over the world: “Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong~”
It is like a boulder falling into the sea, stirring up a thousand layers of waves.
In an instant, half of Jiangdong’s big brothers all got up and moved forward, bowed and bowed, and bowed to the front.
“Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong~”
“Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong~”
Words of respect and words of respect converge into a stream, like waves, impacting the whole world.
At this moment, all the people present at the scene lost their voices in amazement, and their expressions changed in panic.
Li Xiaohong’s face was pale, and Wang Yu, Liu Jiawei and others sat up in shock?
Everyone in the Taishan Guild Hall was shaking mad at this moment.
Let Jiangdong King Chen Ao hold his fists and bow, let Yunzhou Li Erye respectfully welcome him, and let Lei Sanye bow and worship.
Let half of Jiangdong’s rich and powerful tycoons congratulate him, and let Jiangdong’s life and death rest on him?
Who is this Mr. Chu? ! !
What is sacred? ! !
At this moment, Susie’s eyebrows widened, and Qiu Mucheng was full of doubts.
Everyone looked around in panic.
The same kind of doubt swept everyone’s hearts.

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