A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 283

Taishan Guild Hall was shocked at this time.
Everyone held their breath and looked around in panic.
Under the stands, Chen Ao, Li Lao Er, Lei Lao San and others bowed to each other, but the voice of respect and reverence gathered in heaven and earth, lingering in the entire hall.
Everyone’s ears were all greeted by Jiangdong people, and the worship words of “Mr. Chu save me Jiangdong” trembled everyone’s hearts.
“Oh my God!”
“Orange, if so many big men worship and welcome each other, who is Mr. Chu?”
“Could it be that a real dragon failed?”
Susie was completely frightened at this time, and it was the first time he saw such a battle. Nearly half of Jiangdong’s big brothers unexpectedly greeted everyone.
Qiu Mucheng also had a pretty face in panic, and it was obvious that her vision was also extremely shocking.
However, I don’t know why, when Chen Ao and the others called Mr. Chu together, Qiu Mucheng suddenly remembered the land of Jianghai, above the Han Family Shouyan, didn’t they call Ye Fan Mr. Chu like this?
Is it really him? Remember to read in one second
But as soon as this thought appeared, it was severely suppressed by Qiu Mucheng.
She laughed at herself.
“How could it be him?”
“If it was really him, how could he go to a restaurant to work and make money like this?”
Before that, Susie had told Qiu Mucheng that she saw Ye Fan working as a waiter in Shengtian Restaurant. At first, Qiu Mucheng didn’t believe it, but when she saw Ye Fan by the Yunwu Lake , Qiu Mucheng undoubtedly really believed it.
She finally knew now that Ye Fan had been working in the hotel when she was working in the company.
In fact, when she learned about this, Qiu Mucheng didn’t feel much anger, but felt guilty in her heart.
For three years, her husband worked as a waiter in a restaurant, she didn’t even know?
No wonder, in recent years, Ye Fan managed to cook with the family, but rarely asked her for money. It turned out that he was relying on him to work outside to make money to support the family.
When Qiu Mucheng lost her mind, the entire hall was still silent. Everyone was waiting for the appearance of the man named “Mr. Chu”, and everyone looked around with expectation and tension.
Even on the stone platform in the center of the hall, Wu Herong’s expression sank, and his old eyes were like tigers, reflecting the stern light, looking around the audience.
At this moment, nearly 10,000 people in the entire hall were waiting for the person named “Mr. Chu” to appear.
One second~
Two seconds
One minute,
Two minutes~
In the end, a full five minutes passed, but no one stood up in the Hall of Nuo Da.
The “Mr. Chu” that everyone was waiting for never appeared.
Upon seeing this, Zao Wou-ki on the side suddenly smiled.
“Mr. Chen, don’t wait anymore.”
“I have said that your so-called Mr. Chu has already ran away in the same car with that old waste.”
“I persuaded you a long time ago, that guy is just a hairy boy.”
“It’s ridiculous, do you still have high hopes for a brat?”
“How is it now?”
“I didn’t even dare to go on stage, so I was scared away. Although the person I was looking for was defeated, at least they still have the courage to play.”
“But what about you, President Chen?”
“A total of two people were found, and both of them became turtles.”
“President Chen, I think you should go to the eye hospital. There are so many people in Jiangdong, but you are looking for waste.”
Zao Wou-ki couldn’t help but sneer.
Previously, Meng Baichuan was kicked to death by Wu Herong, making a joke, and being run by Chen Ao and others was not easy. Now that he found the opportunity, Zao Wou-ki naturally spared no effort to ridicule him and retrieve all the face he had just lost.
There was the voice of Zao Wou-ki and others gloating, and Chen Ao’s old face was almost dripping with gloom at this time.
Li Er and Lei Lao San saw that Ye Fan hadn’t appeared for a long time. At this time, they also had no bottom. They turned to look at Chen Ao, and trembled in a low voice: “Mr. Chen, this… Mr. Chu, no Will it really run away?”

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