A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 284

After all, Wu Herong’s power just now was really terrifying, and Xing He was scared away. It was not impossible for Ye Fan to slip away when the situation was bad.
“Shut up, you guys!”
Chen Ao was also very frightened at this time, and now Li Er and the others were still chattering in his ears, Chen Ao was naturally angry and cursed directly with a black face.
However, after being angry, Chen Ao looked around and said in a deep voice: “Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong~”
The mournful plea of ​​Jiangdong people came from the hall again.
Listening to everyone’s respectful words, Li Xiaohong and others are undoubtedly more curious.
“Ye Fan, who do you think is this “Mr. Chu”?”
“To make our second master in Yunzhou so respectful, he must be a very powerful character, right?”
“Why doesn’t he show up yet.”
While talking, Li Xiaohong raised her pretty face and looked around, trying to find the big man.
But at this moment, Ye Fan, who had been silent by her side, stood up and slowly stood up. A faint voice resounded throughout the hall in a flash: “As you wish!”
At the moment Ye Fan stood up, it was as if a light was lit in the dark night.
In an instant, the eyes of everyone around him looked over.
At this moment, Li Xiaohong was frightened, and her pretty face went white immediately, pulling Ye Fan to panic:
“Ye Fan?”
“what are you doing?”
“Are you crazy?”
“Sit down!”
“If you make trouble on this occasion, they will kill you.”
Li Xiaohong didn’t expect Ye Fan to stand up at this time, but in a panic, he quickly pulled Ye Fan and let him sit down.
“are you an idiot?”
“are you crazy?!”
“Damn, don’t hurt us if you want to die?”
Not only Li Xiaohong, but Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei on the side saw Ye Fan get up, their faces were waxed, and the whole person was almost scared to pee.
What occasion is this?
The place where Jiangdong big guys gather.
Almost all the top dignitaries in Jiangdong are here.
It can be said that the current Taishan Guild Hall is the center of power in Jiangdong Province.
Ye Fan made trouble in this situation, and Liu Jiawei and others were of course panic, for fear that Ye Fan’s stupidity would hurt them again.
“What a shame.”
“I knew I wouldn’t come with this idiot?”
“Sooner or later, he will be pitted to death!”
Seeing that Ye Fan didn’t even mean to sit down, Liu Jiawei and others peeed, and yelled at Ye Fan angrily. Seeing that posture, they wanted to kick Ye Fan to death.
“Ye Fan, don’t you go?”
“This kind of occasion is really not something you can participate in now.” Li Xiaohong was full of worry, still stopping, and a pair of small hands held Ye Fan firmly.
Ye Fan was the first person to help her, and the first person to be good to her, and the first person Li Xiaohong admired of the opposite sex, so she really didn’t want to see Ye Fan’s random behavior and harm.
However, Ye Fan smiled. He turned to look at the beautiful woman with red eyes behind him.
“Xiaohong, you said before that I was still groping hard in the dark, saying that it would take me twenty years to stand there.”
“Today I will let you know, why does it take twenty years for me to stand there, Ye Fan?”
“Why have I been in the dark? I’m already shining brightly.”
“Where I am, there is light!”
When the words fell, Ye Fan turned around immediately.
Under the eyes of the public, he walked with his head high, and he stepped up the steps.
The world here is full of Ye Fan’s heartbroken!
Seeing Ye Fan’s back, Li Xiaohong was stunned and lost for a long time~

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