A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 285

“Why have I been in the dark?”
“Where I am, there is light~”
In his ears, Ye Fan’s domineering words echoed for a long time, and Li Xiaohong was completely stunned.
What kind of courage does a person have to speak such bold and dry words?
What kind of self-confidence does a person have to show such majestic majesty and domineering?
Seeing Ye Fan stepping forward, at that moment, Li Xiaohong only felt that there was no sky and no earth in front of him, leaving only Ye Fan’s heartache.
“This shameless pen?”
“Simply a lunatic?”
“People call it Mr. Chu, you have the surname Ye, what can you do?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Will you still be bright?”
“I’ll get rid of Nima!”
“You are a hillbilly, what right do you have to say this?”
“It’s like an idiot without a brain.”
“Wait for you!”
At this time, Liu Jiawei and Wang Yu both laughed and cursed, looking at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
The people nearby were obviously surprised when they heard Liu Jiawei’s words.
“I thought it was really Mr. Chu?”
“So it’s a hillbilly! fc76defc”
“What occasion is this?”
“A hillbilly, dare to make trouble?”
“Who gave him the courage!”
“What a fool.”
“Insult yourself!”
There was ridicule everywhere, ridicule everywhere.
Almost everyone is insulting him, everyone is laughing at him.
The unbearable sound of scolding all around reverberated throughout the hall.
Ye Fan at this time is like the abandoned son in the world, being pointed by thousands of people!
However, in the face of everyone’s ridicule, Ye Fan seemed unheard of.
He was full of arrogance and sneer. He faced everyone’s disdainful gaze and the harsh ridicule of everyone, walking with his hands in his hands and stepping up the steps.
He is like the invincible king on the battlefield, even if tens of thousands of people stop him, he will never move forward! Although he laughs a lot, he is going on his own!
However, listening to the ridicule of everyone around, Chen Nan on the side flushed with anger.
“You sneer, you sneer.”
“You will see immediately, what kind of existence is the person you disdain now!”
“My Xiao Fan brother will use naked reality to smash your dog faces~”
Chen Nan hummed angrily, and then in the eyes of everyone’s astonishment, only the beautiful girl in front of him stood up and shouted loudly to the man walking alone in front of him: “Brother Xiaofan , Come on.”
“Nan Nan believes in you.”
“Believe my brother Xiao Fan, he will definitely stand where Rong Guangzhao reaches, and he will be watched by everyone!”
Chen Nan’s shouts spread all over the world.
When Liu Jiawei and others heard it, they laughed madly.
“Nan Nan, that hillbilly is crazy, are you also crazy?”
“He is a country boy. After the poor family, where is his glory, and how is he attracted by the public?”
“I think you are crazy~”
When Liu Jiawei sneered, Ye Fan had already walked to the center of the whole hall, only a few steps away from Chen Ao and the others.
“This idiot!”
“This kind of occasion makes trouble, see Ao Ye and they won’t kill you?” Liu Jiawei grinned.
“Wait for you to die!” Wang Yu also sat there with his hands in his arms, looking like he was watching a good show.
However, just when everyone was waiting to see Ye Fan being interrupted by Chen Ao and others and throwing it out of the hall.
Suddenly, Wang Jiexi, who was closest to Ye Fan, got up suddenly, stepped forward and bowed: “Yellow, Mr. Chu!”

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