A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 30

“However, the countryman, now he is the son-in-law again, and it is normal to feel a little inferior and unwilling to show up.”
For Ye Fan, Wang Yu also heard Lin Qian mention it. It is said that Lin Fan was born in the countryside, with only one mother in the family, and the family is very poor.
“But this is not a long-term solution. Go back and ask him. Our company has a job as a gatekeeper and is receiving people. If he is willing to come, he will include food and housing and a salary of 3,000.” Wang Yu said lightly. .
Lin Qian on the side also immediately echoed: “Yes, Mucheng. If you want to go to this job, hurry up. Are many old men rushing to do it?”
When the couple sang and made peace, their words were in a tone of charity. It seems that finding this job for Ye Fan is a great gift to them.
Qiu Mucheng’s expression became more ugly, but she still smiled, saying that she went back and asked, who knows that it is the sadness in her heart at this moment?
No one can understand the mood of Qiu Mucheng at this time. When she was in school, Qiu Mucheng was not only the school flower of Jiangdong University, but also her academic performance. At that time, Lin Qian was just a foil to her.
But who could have imagined that now that the circumstances have changed, Qiu Mucheng has fallen into a state of being alms. This was almost unbearable to Qiu Mucheng, who had always been aloof.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng’s nose suddenly sore, and tears almost rolled in her eyes. She suddenly regretted coming here. Perhaps this circle is really not suitable for her to come.
Now she is just an ordinary girl, she is no longer the school flower that was highly anticipated in school.
For a while, this proud girl lowered her head secretly, and the dim light fell, falling on Qiu Mucheng’s body, but it was a shadow spreading across the ground. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan, who had been sitting behind, looked at his wife so humiliated, but he couldn’t bear it for a while.
“Mucheng called me before, she should have wanted me to accompany her. This woman, who is usually cold to me, remembers my husband at critical moments.” Ye Fan recalled what happened just now. It was also slightly moved.
“It’s just embarrassing for her, and now I’m humiliated because of me.”
Ye Fan sighed, his palm secretly clenched.
“Mucheng, don’t worry, I will make you the most dazzling star in this landscape garden tonight.”
Ye Fan silently looked at the increasingly charming woman under the light, but his eyebrows flashed with inexplicable determination.

“Mucheng, you said it was ridiculous.”
“That idiot dressed up in the countryside, but he is like a silly pen, holding a broken card with insufficient balance and threatening to take all the cash from the bank?”
“It’s so funny.”
“The heart is that some poor people are just like this. I want to be stunned when I think about money. I don’t have any money to fill up the big money. In the end, I didn’t insult myself. It is estimated that I have been caught near the police station?
Time continued to pass, and the two of Qiu Mucheng and Lin Qian in front were chatting with each other, but most of them were Lin Qian. For example, I just came back from Australia a few days ago and went to Maldives last month. Yacht, bought the latest Apple mobile phone, and said that Qiu Mucheng’s skirt is very good. What about the luxury brand. I asked her how long it took her to buy it? Finally, I talked about an interesting fact in the bank today.
Ye Fan behind him listened, but his eyes twitched fiercely.
“Damn, no wonder I looked so familiar with Liangbi. It turned out that it was the man and woman who met at Hongqi Bank today?”
“It’s really a narrow road~”

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