A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2921

Before coming here, Ye Fan didn’t actually plan to fall out with Wushen Temple directly.
Never thought of provoking the majesty of the Wushen Temple.
He had only one purpose here, and that was to kill the Lu family and his son.
Although, because of the Lu family’s affairs, Ye Fan had a very bad impression of the Martial God Temple.
But Ye Fan also knew that the Hall of Martial Arts was different from the Lu Family. He could smash the Lu Family in a fit of anger, but he could not attack the Hall of Martial God.
After all, Wushen Temple is the highest authority of Yanxia Martial Arts, representing the majesty of a country.
Once Ye Fan made a shot at the Martial God Temple, he would inevitably affect his whole body, which would have a great impact.
Therefore, Ye Fan has been restraining since entering Yanshan.
The warriors who stopped him before, Ye Fan just shook off, and did not kill him.
If the King of Fighters and the others can honestly hand over the Lu family father and son, Ye Fan will naturally no longer entangle the King of Fighters and the others.
However, what Ye Fan didn’t expect was that these people in front of him would rather fall out with him than refuse to hand over Lu Hua and his son.
Now, even directly ordered to kill himself on the spot.
In that case, Ye Fan didn’t have to worry about anything.
As a human being, Ye Fan has always had his own rules.
That is, the murderer will kill him!
Now that they are ready to kill themselves, they should have the consciousness of being killed.
At this time, between Tianhe, Ye Fan’s surging anger still echoed.
While the King of Fighters’ power was still condensing, Ye Fan’s eyebrows suddenly became as cold as frost.
In the dantian, Yundao Tianjue was running wildly.
Under the veins, the surging power is like a river rushing.
At the top of Yanshan Mountain, Ye Fan’s robes went without wind.
With the gathering of power, Ye Fan’s whole aura was also climbing crazily at a terrifying speed.
The dragon body also suddenly bloomed in an instant.
At this time, Ye Fan, although he was not moving, but the majestic and majestic radiating from it was actually as thick and majestic as a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčabyss.
The ground beneath his feet was also cracked inch by inch under this power.
The warriors among Yanshan also felt pressured.
Just feel like facing the abyss, walking on thin ice!
“This… this boy, so powerful.”
“How do you feel that it is stronger than the king of fighters?”
Between Yanshan Mountain, everyone talked a lot, and their eyebrows were shaking.
It was the sword sage in front, after feeling Ye Fan’s momentum, waves suddenly appeared in the deep pupils.
Since Ye Fan became famous, the Juggernaut had never seen Ye Fan’s strength.
Today, although Ye Fan has not yet revealed his majesty. But as the so-called, a glimpse of the whole leopard.
Judging from the momentum that Ye Fan released at this time, the strength of the young man in front of him could not be underestimated.
“Huh, just bluffing.”
“Today, the king of fighters must beat you back to your original form!”
Between Tianhe, the King of Fighters sneered.
Then, the majestic punch fell suddenly.
“Dragon King Fist!”
With a low drink, in the dark night, only a golden light was shining.
As Mo Gucheng’s punch fell, a golden dragon took shape in an instant.
After that, he swept towards where Ye Fan was.
At about the same time, Ye Fan’s attack had already taken shape.
Seeing, the battle between the two titles is about to start on the top of Yanshan Mountain.
However, at this moment, with a majestic shout, it quietly exploded under Yanshan Mountain

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