A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2927

However, in the face of what God of War said, Ye Fan smiled.
The laughter was full of sarcasm.
“Give me justice?”
“I guess you told my wife the same way more than half a year ago.”
“But what about the result?”
“So God of War, do you think I still believe you now? Can I still believe in your Martial God Temple?”
Ye Fan asked back, in the faint laughter, there was a strong feeling and chill.
The old face of God of War by Ye Fan’s words also turned red.
“Ye Fan, what happened before is indeed my fault.”
“But the same mistake, I will not make a second time.”
“This time I promise that I will personally send Nalu Hua to the martial arts court to supervise the execution.”
“There will never be any more accidents.”
As Zhan God’s words said decisively, he almost patted his chest and assured Ye Fanxia.
However, Ye Fan didn’t mean to regress in the slightest, and he still said forcefully, “Don’t bother you.”
“My enemy, I will kill myself.”
“Now, I hope you take the initiative to hand over people.”
Ye Fan replied coldly.
As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng walked out and said sharply.
“How can I succumb to you as a junior in my dignified summer martial arts temple?”
“Forcing us to make someone, you are just wishful thinking!”
“We let you leave safely, and without holding you accountable today, it is the great tolerance and retreat of our Martial God Temple to you.”
“Unexpectedly, you don’t know how to be grateful, you stinky boy, you even kick your nose and face.”
“Also let us Martial God Temple give you someone?”
“Why, I really thought that our Martial God Temple could not cure you?”
Mo Gucheng was full of anger, and the rushing sound was like a thunderstorm, which set off a gust of wind between the Yanshan Mountains.
In fact, it’s not that Mo Gucheng is so angry.
After all, Ye Fan’s behavior today has completely lost the face of the Martial God Temple.
The God of War just made the decision to let Ye Fan retreat safely, which to a certain extent was equivalent to the Martial God Temple’s retreat to Ye Fan.
Now, Ye Fan asked the Martial God Temple to hand over the people obediently.
If this really followed Ye Fan’s intentions and spread it out, what would their Martial God Temple face?
The world still can’t say that they are in the Temple of Martial Arts, afraid that Ye Fan will not succeed?
This time, not only Mo Gucheng was angry, but also the God of War himself.
He looked at Ye Fan and said in a deep voice, “Ye Fan, it is impossible for a person to hand it over.”
“I understand your feelings, but you should understand us.”
“The Temple of Martial Arts is the highest authority of the Yanxia martial arts, and its sacred majesty is inviolable.”
“Even if Lu Hua is wrong, it should be handed over to the Martial Arts Court from the Martial God Temple for trial, and there is no reason to give it to you.”
“Today, if we hand over people to you, where is the majesty of the Martial God Temple?”
“Where is the majesty of the summer martial arts?”
“So, I can’t agree to your request.”
The God of War spoke harshly, but in the deep words, there was no room for change at all.
“In that case, there is nothing left to say.”
Ye Fan replied lightly.
Then, he suddenly looked up.
In those deep pupils, there was endless chill and fierceness that began to linger and rise.
At the same time, the power of Ye Fan’s whole person was also beginning to converge at a terrifying speed.
“What does this guy want to do?”
“Does he want to be hard?”
“Go directly into the Martial God Temple to grab someone?”

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