A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2970

“who are you?”
“In the middle of the night, what are you doing here?”
This is already the core area of ​​the Chu family, and the people living around it are all the elders of the Chu family.
In these places, ordinary people are strictly forbidden to enter.
What’s more, it is night again.
Suddenly discovering that a raw face appeared here, Chu Qitian was naturally vigilant.
“Sorry, master.”
“I confessed the wrong direction for a while, and then I strayed here.”
“Excuse me, the old slave will withdraw now.”
Old Han lowered his head, his tone was extremely respectful, and his posture was very low.
After speaking, Old Han turned his head and walked back.
Chu Qitian suddenly called to him, “Look up, let me see.”
Chu Qitian said coldly.
Old Han had no choice but to follow his request.
Seeing Old Han’s face, Chu Qitian suddenly smiled.
The laughter was harsh, reckless and arrogant.
“I said why I have a little impression of you, I remember, you are the old dog-legged man next to my uncle.
“I remember at that time, you were highly regarded by my uncle.”
“I have asked you for help several times, but your elders have ignored them. You are very prestigious.”
“What’s wrong now?”
“Why is it so awkward in front of me?”
“Where was your prestige?”
“Where was your old shelf back then?”
Chu Qitian smiled wanton and looked triumphant, as if the victor was playing with his own subordinates.
Facing Chu Qitian’s words, Old Han just lowered his head and said nothing.
“Old stuff, don’t you go away?”
“It’s in my way!”
After laughing, Chu Qitian’s expression suddenly changed, and he kicked Old Han directly with a bang, kicking him aside.
“Dog minion, when I took advantage of my uncle’s favor and dazzled me, didn’t you think there would be today?”
“If it wasn’t for your decades in the Chu family, on the day my father took control of the Chu family, this young master would kill you first!”
“Hurry up?”
“If you want to live a few more years, just be honest with me.”
“Don’t let me see you appearing where you shouldn’t be.”
“Otherwise, it won’t be as simple as suffering from a bit of flesh next time!”
Chu Qitian warned coldly.
After speaking, he took a few people behind him and left here.
And Old Han, enduring the pain, tried to stand up from the ground.
“Grandpa Han, are you okay?”
“My god brother is too much, he actually bullied you, an old man.”
At this time, the child who just received Han Lao’s candy ran over to help Han Lao together.
Old Han smiled comfortedly: “Grandpa Han is okay, grandpa is strong.”
“By the way, did you ask what Grandpa Han asked you to inquire?”
Old Han obviously knew a few children.
After all, he was a close minister to the Chu Family Patriarch at the beginning, and he often followed Chu Zhenghong. Some of the children of the Chu Family’s core and senior leaders were also familiar to Old Han.
“Grandpa Han, I asked.”
“Mom said, she hasn’t seen Grandpa Xuan and Grandpa Ming for a long time.”
“Possibly, I have been performing tasks outside, right?”
The children said slowly.
When Old Han heard this, he was slightly pleased and remembered these words in his heart.
Yes, since Ye Fan decided to go to Chumen Mountain in the near future, Mr. Han has been exploring the reality of the Chu Family’s strength in various ways.
Especially the two elders Xuan Ming, these two are the strongest guarding power known to the Chu family, and they are also the two men who threaten Ye Fan the most. Naturally, Old Han must pay special attention.
Now when he heard that the two elders Xuan Ming were likely to perform tasks outside and no longer in the family, Old Han was also surprised.
For Ye Fan’s plan, this is undoubtedly good news.

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