A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 31

Ye Fanke still remembered the things in the bank during the day. It was this Wang Yu who mocked himself in every possible way. Later, after things turned around, Ye Fan wanted to settle the accounts with these two people. Ye Fan remembered that the two had already left at that time, and they had arrived here.
“It’s just right, the old grudges and the old grudges, let’s take it slowly.” Ye Fan’s smile was a bit cold.
Suddenly, on the front booth, a dazzling spotlight suddenly turned on, and then, a sexy woman in a professional skirt appeared immediately under the spotlight.
It seems that the auction has begun. The whole hall immediately became quiet.
“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening everyone. I am honored to preside over this auction ceremony. This auction is hosted by Yunhai Auction House. All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the children in the mountains. The amount of “donations” will be announced to you , Accept everyone’s supervision!”
The crisp voice of the auctioneer echoed in the hall, and after a few simple opening remarks, the first exhibit immediately appeared in the eyes of everyone.
The first exhibit is a customized hydrofoil speedboat with a starting price of 10,000.
“Fifteen thousand!”
“Twenty thousand~”
……. Remember to read a book in one second
Soon, the voice of the rich and the young bidding from all walks of life came from the hall.

“The fifth exhibit is a white jade hairpin from the European royal family. The starting price is 30,000~”
As a flawless white jade hairpin was sent up, in the hall, there were many excited voices of women. Lin Qian’s beautiful eyes straightened suddenly, and she took Wang Yu’s arm and said coquettishly.
“Husband, this white jade hairpin is so beautiful~”
“Okay, my husband will shoot you!” Wang Yu waved domineeringly and immediately raised his card.
“forty thousand!”
“Forty-five thousand!” Soon there was a bidding, and it was also a rich second-generation with a female companion.
This kind of trinket is also liked by these young women.
“fifty thousand!”

Wang Yu did his part, and soon the price was 60,000 yuan.
For a while, the sound of the bidding weakened.
“Qianqian, how about it, your husband will go out, who else can bid with us? Don’t worry, your husband will buy you everything you like.” Wang Yu smiled triumphantly, and looked at it deliberately when he said this Qiu Mucheng on the side. It seems that I want to see Qiu Mucheng’s admiring look. After all, the third young lady in the Qiu family is a peerless beauty. Although she already has a family, Ye Fan is a useless person. Today, his magnanimity has attracted Qiu Mu. Cheng Tuo gave him a hug, he didn’t mind taking care of a mistress outside, even kicking Lin Qian.
However, he was disappointed after all.
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were always clear and she still looked ahead quietly.
“Wow, my husband is great!”
“I love you so much~”
Lin Qian was full of worship, and happily kissed her husband’s forehead. Then he looked at Qiu Mucheng on the side and said with a slight sarcasm, “Mucheng, how can you just watch, don’t you want to shoot something? This is a charity auction. Not only can you get something, but you have done good things. This is comparable. It makes more sense for you to save a few months of salary to buy a piece of torn clothes.”
When she said this, Lin Qian looked at the beautiful woman in front of her with envy.
It has to be said that Qiu Mucheng was indeed the school flower of Jiangdong University for four consecutive years. Now that she has graduated for many years, her appearance is still beautiful and beautiful. The years have not left any traces on her body. Instead, under the precipitation of time, more A bit mature and charming.

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