A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 301

However, no one saw the two lines of clear tears that quietly shed from the corner of her eyes when Xu Lei turned around.
Maybe Ye Fan saw it, but Xu Lei didn’t want to say, and Ye Fan wouldn’t ask more.
After all, everyone has his own life, with the ups and downs that he wants to taste. After all, Ye Fan and Xu Lei only met together. What qualifications did he have to interfere in Xu Lei’s life?
The only thing he can do is to remember Xu Lei’s dedication to Ye Fan and his wife. If you have a chance in the future, let’s repay.
After Xu Lei left, Ye Fan quickly left the bank of Yunwu Lake.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng and Susie had already returned to Yunzhou. Qiu Mucheng, a workaholic, did not go home immediately after arriving in Yunzhou, but asked Susie to send her off as soon as possible. Arrived downstairs in the company.
“Orange, I really convinced you.”
“I think your grandpa should really give you a model worker medal.”
“I just came back to work, and it’s not too late to come back to the company tomorrow after a day off at home?”
Susie was speechless, but she admired the work attitude of her best friend.
She couldn’t do it anyway, eating, drinking, and having fun was okay. He definitely couldn’t do this kind of exhausting work.
Life is short, isn’t it good to eat, drink and play? Why go to work?
Susie shook her head and sighed, and then she ignored Qiu Mucheng, and drove away by herself after sending her to the company.
This trip to Mount Tai successfully made her forget the man who played the harmonica, and now she has a new pursuit.
“Brother, I blame the two broken tickets you gave me, so far behind, I didn’t even see what my male god looks like?”
“I don’t care, you must help me find Mr. Chu and introduce us to him.”
“My Susie is not married to Mr. Chu in this life.”
“I don’t care, don’t care~”
In the car, Susie was playing coquettishly at her brother while talking on the phone.
But Susie would never think that whether it was Mr. Chu or the man who played the harmonica, they were actually the same person.
Sometimes, the world is so small.
I just separated at the previous moment, and maybe I will meet again in another place and in another identity the next moment.
Just like Susie and the male god she was thinking of.
But, I really don’t know what kind of expression Susie would have when she learned the true identity of the male god she was thinking of.
Of course, these are all things to do.
By the way, after Qiu Mucheng returned to the company, she found that the company was a little different. The two pots of Asparagus asparagus that she asked her assistant Li Feifei to buy at the door of the company are no longer there, but replaced with two tall Pingan trees.
Even the red doormat that she bought and placed outside the gate of the company was replaced. Before she left, all traces seemed to have been erased. For a moment, Qiu Mucheng thought that I went to the wrong company.
She even went to the door and deliberately checked the house number.
You are right, Qiushui Logistics Company, No. 298, Tongan Road.
In this way, Qiu Mucheng walked into the company with full of doubts, but along the way, the company employees who had smiled and treated Qiu Mucheng respectfully before leaving, at this moment, after seeing Qiu Mucheng come back, they all came back. Surprised, and then he lowered his head and didn’t see it, so he quickly avoided it.
That way, it’s like avoiding the plague.

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