A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 302

With the abnormal behavior of a group of colleagues in the company, Qiu Mucheng had a panoramic view, and her heart became even more puzzled. Liu eyebrows also wrinkled deeply.
“President Qiu, you… are you back?”
At this moment, a little clerk in a professional skirt passed by, and when he saw Qiu Mucheng, he was obviously surprised, and asked immediately.
This little clerk was Li Feifei, former assistant of Qiu Mucheng.
In the entire Qiu Shui logistics, Qiu Mucheng trusted three people most.
Li Feifei was one, and the other two were pulled up by Qiu Mucheng himself. One is called Dujuan and the other is Zhang Heng.
These three people have always worked under Qiu Mucheng.
In the past, Qiu Mucheng served as the group leader in the sales department. As we all know, the sales department is almost the most painful and tiring department. At that time, Qiu Muying deliberately gave Qiu Mucheng several times higher than the others in order to run on Qiu Mucheng. If several sets of sales targets are not met, their wages will be deducted.
In those years, thanks to the hard work of these three team members with her, only now under the run of Qiu Muying.
Now Qiu Mucheng has been promoted by Mr. Qiu and she is fully responsible for the cooperation projects with the Hongqi Group. He has a lot more power, so before leaving, he transferred Li Feifei and Du Juan to continue working under her. First URL m.
Now that she met a subordinate of her own confidant, Qiu Mucheng naturally stepped forward and asked what was going on and what had happened to the company.
“Where are the two potted plants I bought?”
“How about Du Juan and Zhou Heng?”
Qiu Mucheng frowned and asked.
“This…” Li Feifei’s pretty face was bitter, as if hesitated to speak.
At this time, a urging sound came from behind.
“Li Feifei, what are you rubbing with? Why haven’t the documents requested by the general manager been delivered yet, do you want to clean the toilet like Cuckoo?”
When Li Feifei heard this, she hurriedly bowed to apologize: “Director, I’ll go now, I’ll be there soon.”
Li Feifei’s tone was extremely humble, and her words were full of fear.
After that, Li Feifei ignored Qiu Mucheng, turned around and left.
“Feifei, what’s the matter?”
“Where is the cuckoo?”
“Also, what’s the matter with cleaning the toilet just now?”
Qiu Mucheng Liu frowned, but called Li Feifei again.
Li Feifei stopped, her petite body stood there, her back turned to Qiu Mucheng, her eyelids drooped, her eyebrows were flushed, and her low voice sounded slowly.
“President Qiu, don’t ask, don’t ask anymore.”
“The company has changed, everything is different.”
“You shouldn’t leave~”
“Also, President Qiu, this is the last time I call you President Qiu. From now on, I will no longer be your assistant. I am already an assistant to General Manager Qiu Muying.”
“From now on, we shall not know each other.”
Li Feifei lowered her head, her teeth biting her red lips tightly.
From the time she said this, she had already made a decision and choice in her heart.
Finally, she stopped paying attention to Qiu Mucheng, and left without looking back.
“Feifei, what’s the matter? 06f0542f”
“You stop, I order you to stop, you tell me clearly~”
Qiu Mucheng shouted, a bit of sullenness in the cold words.
However, Li Feifei turned a deaf ear, and soon ran away.
“Qiu Mucheng, you really are such a big air?”
“Or order?”
“Do you think the current Qiu Shui logistics is still the same as before you left?”
“Do you think you are the manager of this project department?”
“A bereaved dog, who gives you the confidence to play officialdom here?”
“Qiu Mucheng, tell you the truth, this Qiu Shui logistics has changed!”
“In the current project department, my cousin, Qiu Muying, is in charge.”
“As for you, in this company, fart is gone.”
Wang Xiu’e hugged her hands and sneered, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s gaze, full of mockery and disdain.
She is the cousin of Qiu Muying and the daughter of Uncle Qiu Muying. After dropping out of school, they followed Qiu Muying in the company’s corpse for a vegetarian meal. The two sisters were embarrassed in the Qiu family’s company and did a lot of misfortunes, but Qiu Muying was completely blocked by Qiu’s favor.

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