A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3015

“Xiao Luo, you don’t have to say anything more.”
“Just tell me, who dares to provoke you?”
“I will solve the rest for you.”
Facing Wei Luo’s words, the old man just hummed and said in a deep voice.
In the majestic words, there is inexplicable majesty and self-confidence.
“With Mr. Kong’s words, Wei Luo feels relieved.”
Wei Luo haha ​​laughed, and his handsome face was full of pride and wanton.
In his opinion, as long as Kong Lao is willing to make a move, Ye Fanding will have no chance.
You know, Kong Lao is the old president of the China Sea Budo Association.
Although Wei Luo didn’t know the martial arts and didn’t understand the martial arts world, just from this name, it was enough to see the importance of Kong Lao in the martial arts world.
A respected martial arts expert, could it be that he couldn’t heal a gangster who came out of a poor country?
However, just when Wei Luo was about to tell Lao Kong who provoke him, Ye Fan’s faint words sounded quietly in the hall: “Don’t ask him, I want to provoke him.

Ye Fan’s voice was not loud, but it fell in the ears of everyone, but it was almost ten thousand tons.
“I go!”
“This stinky boy is crazy and boundless?”
“I actually stood up by myself!”
“He doesn’t put people in his eyes?”
“It’s so arrogant!”
For a time, the whole house was full of noise.
Everyone in the Xu family also booed, and they were shocked by Ye Fan’s arrogance.
“Bastard, you don’t have to be crazy.”
“Your death date is here!”
“Lao Kong is the number one expert in the martial arts in China. He is highly respected.”
“He can slap you to death with one slap.”
“Wait a minute, how do I see you die?”
Wei Luo was also annoyed by Ye Fan’s arrogance, turned his head and said to Ye Fan viciously.
At this time, the old man had also entered the hall.
Because the crowd blocked him, he couldn’t see Ye Fan’s face.
However, when he heard what Ye Fan said, the old man’s expression immediately became gloomy.
“For so many years, you are the second person who dared to speak to me like this.”
“The last one is dead.”
“It seems that you want to die too!”
The old man’s brows and eyes were gloomy, and the icy air was bursting out of his body.
The tables and chairs in front of them were all shattered by this tremor.
In this way, the gray-robed old man stepped forward with endless chill.
In front of him, the crowd spread out like a tide.
Until, the handsome figure of the young boy was revealed.
I saw Ye Fan sitting so quietly.
With his back to the old man, Ye Fan didn’t seem to have turned his head to look at him from beginning to end.
Just sitting there alone, drinking tea at the table.
The behavior of the young man in front of him undoubtedly angered the old man even more.
Sometimes, more irritating than some offensive words, is to ignore.
“You junior, don’t you get up quickly and die?”
The gray-robed old man seemed to be really angry, and he burst out like thunder.
Then, his soles slammed on the ground, and his guts rushed from his legs, and then all gathered on his palms.
In the next moment, the old man raised his arms, and his huge slap brought the hunting wind into the back of Ye Fan’s head.
How powerful is the palm of the old man?
Almost no one doubts that if this palm falls, Ye Fan’s head will inevitably be smashed.
“Dragon Lord, be careful!”
Tongshan and the others didn’t expect that this old man actually didn’t agree with him, so he shot directly.
In shock, Tongshan and Qingtan immediately rushed out, loyal to the emperor and protect the lord.
“Go away!”
The old man yelled and patted his backhand.

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