A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3016

Bang bang~
Two dull sounds in succession, exploded.
Everyone just heard a muffled snort, and the two figures were like cannonballs, directly smashing through the doors and windows and flying out.
“This…this… so strong?”
Seeing the scene before him, Liu Hai, Li Hu and others who had just returned to the Xue family were immediately confused.
The strength of the Tongshan two had been seen in the Xue Family Manor.
With one punch, the strongest Pharaoh among them was directly killed.
But it is such a strong person who can’t do a single trick in the hands of the old man before him?
It is conceivable that this kind of deterrence is how strong is this kind of warrior like them?
“Old Kong is mighty!”
After a short silence, everyone in the Xu family immediately boiled.
They applauded and applauded, everyone was amazed at Kong Lao’s strength
“Things that are overpowered, dare to stop me?”
“In front of me, they are all pigs and dogs!”
After slapped the two of Fei Tongshan with a slap, the gray-robed old man sneered, then shot again, slapped directly at the young man in front of him.
“Boy, I think this time, who else will come out to save you?”
The strong wind swept through, raging vigorously.
In a low voice, the old man’s majestic palms slammed at the back of Ye Fan’s head again.
This time, the momentum is stronger and the majesty is even greater!
“Ye Fan~”
“The farce is over!”
“All of this is what you asked for~”
Behind him, there was Wei Luo’s grinning laugh.
Xu Meifeng also showed a reckless and cheerful look.
Everyone in the Xu family was also waiting to see Ye Fan’s final miserable ending.
Only Ye Yuyan and others were full of worry and anxiety.
Xu Lei couldn’t help but exclaim.
“Brother Xiaofan, run away~”
Xu Lei had been frightened since seeing the two Tongshan being taken away in an instant, her pretty face was pale and humiliating.
Now, seeing the old man in trouble again, but his brother Xiao Fan is still like a okay person, drinking tea there.
What worries Xu Lei even more is that Ye Fan is still facing this old man now, without even looking back.
Could it be that his Xiao Fan brother really couldn’t feel the danger behind him?
However, just as Xu Lei exclaimed, the old man’s palm print was about to fall.
Ye Fan, who had always turned his back to everyone, finally slowly turned his head.
A youthful face, just like this, without warning, was reflected in everyone’s sight, and also in the sight of the gray-robed old man.
In front of him, palm prints swept across.
In my ears, there was a burst of vigor.
But Ye Fan sat peacefully, smiling and watching.
However, such a face that is almost harmless to humans and animals, after falling into the sight of the old man, it was like a bolt from the blue sky. The old man named Kong old by Wei Luozun,
The individual is directly confused.
Shaking all over, a pair of old eyes stared hugely.
“Ye… Ye Fan?”
After recognizing Ye Fan, Kong Lao almost collapsed.
The original anger disappeared in an instant.
Instead, it is full of fear and panic.
He never thought that the person Wei Luo asked him to deal with was Ye Fan?
Wei Luo, I’m going to Nima!
You are going to kill the old man~
At that moment, the old man was almost scared to pee.
The palm that he protruded was even an inch away from Ye Fan’s forehead.
Afterwards, Kong Lao was like a zombie, and he froze there.
Always maintain this position, dare not move.
Only those old eyes stared hugely.
A pair of eyeballs almost cracked!
Just when everyone was wondering why Lao Kong stopped suddenly, Ye Fan’s faint voice sounded quietly: “Lao Kong, long time no see.”
A few words fell in the ears of Kong Ming, almost in the balance.
Then, only heard a bang.
I saw the old man in front of him, amidst everyone’s shocked and violent eyes, he knelt directly to Ye Fan.
“Master Wushuang is here, please be respected by Kong Ming!”
“It’s me Kong Ming has no eyes, and I don’t know Wushuang Grandmaster~”

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