A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3017

Silence, deathly silence.
At the moment Kong Ming knelt down at Ye Fan, the entire Xu Family Hall was immediately quiet.
Everyone was stunned.
“This this..”
“What’s the situation?”
Xu Wenqing was dumbfounded, and his old eyes were huge.
Xu Meifeng was even more shocked, watching the scene in disbelief.
As for Wei Luo himself, it was as if he had been slapped directly on his forehead, and he was bewildered.
“Kong…Kong Lao, you… who are you?”
Wei Luo was surprised on the spot and asked aloud.
Xu Lei, Ye Yuyan and others were also stunned.
Because of the shock, a pair of small hands lightly covered his red lips, and the beautiful eyes were full of doubts.
Obviously, even those who were close to Ye Fan didn’t understand the situation at all.
The only one who can remain calm and indifferent is probably Ye Fan, who is sitting firmly on the bench.
“It turns out that Mr. Kong, remember me.”
“I thought, after more than a year, you have forgotten me.”
Ye Fan was condescending, looking down at Kong Ming, who was kneeling at his feet, and his faint smile was full of emotions.
“Wu… Grandmaster Wushuang said and laughed, when… the rainforest trip, your majesty shocked the world.”
“The younger generation has long remembered your face and appearance.”
“I, Kong Ming, have forgotten myself, and I dare not forget you, Master Wushuang~”
Feeling the chill in Ye Fan’s words, Kong Ming said with trembling fear.
Others were undoubtedly more surprised when they heard this.
Who can believe that an old man who has been in the past, in front of Ye Fan, claimed to be a junior?
It can also be seen how respectful and fearful this old man is towards Ye Fan.
However, facing Kong Ming’s words, Ye Fan just grinned.
“Don’t, I can’t stand your words.”
“I better get up and die.”
Ye Fan sneered and replied in a deep voice.
But when Kong Ming heard this, he was scared to pee.
With panic eyes and trembling all over: “Ye…Mr. Ye, just now I…my words were all silly.”
“I didn’t know it was you~”
“Don’t go to your heart~”
“Please Wu… Grandmaster Wushuang forgive me~”
“If I knew it was you, I would never dare to fight an axe in front of you.”
Kong Ming said bitterly. At this time, his whole body was almost lost in fright.
If others don’t know Ye Fan’s majesty, would Kong Ming know it?
After all, he led the team on the rainforest trip.
Kong Ming had personally experienced Ye Fan’s fierceness and strength.
With one punch, he kicked Elder Truman to death.
Moreover, it is said that on the island in the heart of the lake, Ye Fan also fought the two titled masters alone with one person.
It was not until later that he returned to his country that Kong Ming knew that the Jiangdong boy who had been walking with him before was actually the seventh pillar country hidden in the hot summer, the titled master!
At that time, Kong Ming was scared, but it was said that Wushuang Grandmaster had fallen, so Kong Ming was not too worried.
Until, a few days ago, the bloody murder in Xihu, Jiangbei horrified the scorching summer, and Master Wushuang reappeared and spread throughout the country.
At that moment, Kong Ming knew that the boy was back!
These days, Kong Ming has been worried because of Ye Fan’s return to the hot summer.
After all, when he was walking with Ye Fan, it was not pleasant for him to have trouble with Ye Fan.
Now that he knew Ye Fan’s identity, Kong Ming thought about finding time to visit him and apologize to Ye Fan himself.
This time following Wei Luo to Yanjing was also the purpose.
He had planned that after the end of the Yanjing trip, he would go straight to Jiangdong.
But Kong Ming didn’t expect to be killed, he was here again and met Ye Fan.
Moreover, fortunately, he was provoked again.
“What’s this all about~”
Kong Ming was so depressed that he almost cried.
I was afraid and angry in my heart.

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