A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3018

You know, Ye Fan is a killer.
It is said that the West Lake murders some time ago were created by the young man in front of him.
Hundreds of martial arts experts were suppressed by him under the West Lake.
The Lu family, the top three martial arts family in the summer, was born and killed by him.
The new master Lu Songliang was nailed to the stone pillar with a sword.
Even though such a big case was committed, the family was still in peace.
What does this show?
This undoubtedly shows that the Wushen Temple can’t help him!
In other words, Ye Fan alone nearly suppressed the entire Hot Summer Martial Arts.
Now that he provokes such a god-like character, he has nine lives, and he is definitely not enough to kill!
It is strange that Kong Ming is not afraid.
In panic, Kong Ming couldn’t help but kowtow to apologize.
He can’t care about face and shame now, he only hopes that Ye Fan can spare his life for his pious apology.
What’s more, it is not a shame to kneel down and beg for mercy to the titled master.
Others just want to kneel, maybe they don’t have this chance?
“Master Kong, what are you doing?”
“You are crazy!”
“Why did you kowtow to him?”
“I let you kill him!”
“I order you to kill him~”
“Have you heard?”
Seeing his greatest dependence, he was so humble in front of Ye Fan now. Wei Luo couldn’t help it anymore, he roared, he roared low.
He screamed at Kong Ming with red eyes.
“I’ll go to Nima!!”
“Shut up to Laozi~”
Kong Ming shouted angrily and slapped Wei Luo directly on the ground with a slap.
If it weren’t for the background of the Wei family, Kong Ming guessed that he would have the heart to slap to death.
“You bastard~”
“Do you dare to provoke anyone?”
“You really want to die, don’t hurt Lao Tzu!”
“This time I will be smashed to death by you~”
Kong Ming wanted to cry without tears, kicking Wei Luo wildly while cursing angrily.
Everyone looked at this scene, all stunned.
“This…what’s the situation?”
“Why did the helper Wei Young Master beat him?”
Some of the Xu family members whispered nervously.
However, even though there were all kinds of doubts in their hearts, no one dared to step forward to stop them.
In the end, Kong Ming got tired, so he stopped.
However, he continued to kneel in front of Ye Fan and apologize to Ye Fan for mercy.
“Mr. Ye, it’s all him.”
“He asked me to take action against you.”
“The Wei family is kind to me, and I do my best for them to repay the Wei family.”
“But I really don’t know the person they are dealing with is you.”
“Damn I~”
“I don’t know Taishan~”
Kong Ming cried, full of panic and repentance. Tears rushed down, mixed with my nose.
This pustule looks like Li Eryou.
“For the sake of your usefulness to the martial arts in the summer, I will not hold you accountable for what you insulted me today.”
“If you do it again in the future, I will never forgive you!”
“Hurry up?”
Ye Fan shouted in a low voice, like muffled thunder resounding everywhere.
Kong Ming heard this, as if he received an amnesty.
After three more knocks at Ye Fan, he turned and ran away.
Perhaps it was because of the nervousness. Kong Ming didn’t pay attention on the road, and was tripped by Wei Luo who was lying on the ground and not getting up.
“Fuck me, get out of here!”
Kong Ming was so angry that he kicked Wei Luo again, and then ran away without looking back.
After Kong Ming left, the whole hall became quiet again.
Everyone looked at each other. Before that, who could have thought that it would end like this in the end?
After a brief silence, Ye Fan also finished his cup of tea.
He finally got up, a pair of cold eyes swept across everyone in front of him, until finally, it fell on Wei Luo who had just gotten up.
“You…what do you want to do?”
“I’m telling you, I’m Young Master Wei Family.”
“My father is the head of the Wei family. My family is powerful, and my people span all walks of life. How dare you…”
Bang bang~
Before Wei Luo’s voice fell, Ye Fan had already kicked his feet.
Amid a screaming scream, Wei Luo’s kneecaps directly shattered.
“Kneel down!”

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Serves Wei Luo right… Now he will feel and see the majesty of Ye Fan…
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