A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3019

Ye Fan snorted, the dull sound just like thunder exploding.
A few words, but it is almost a powerful force.
It was under such a heavy majesty that Wei Luo was overwhelmed and knelt to the ground in response.
“Bad son, how dare you force me to kneel?”
In the hall, Wei Luo’s stern and stern roar came out.
As a wealthy young and old, for so many years, where Wei Luo went, it was the existence of Zhongxing Pengyue.
Ever since he was a child, he has kneeled for his grandfather.
But now, he was forced to kneel down to a bastard from the country, which was a shame to Wei Luo.
Anger, humiliation, tingling~
All kinds of emotions were like raging fire, burning Wei Luo’s whole heart.
His eyes are red, and he growls like crazy.
And after Ye Fan forced Wei Luo to kneel, everyone else in the hall trembled in shock.
Even Xu Lei, Ye Yuyan and the others could not help showing a worried look on Qiao’s face.
“Brother Xiaofan, we are like this, is it a bit too much.”
“After all, he is from the Zhonghai Wei family.”
“Now that we treat him this way, I am worried that if the Wei family learns, I’m afraid they won’t let it go.”
Xu Lei said thoughtfully.
“What if you don’t let it go?”
“They came to provoke me first. Could it be that I, Ye Fan, have to accept it and let others not be bullied?”
“What’s more, what is there to be afraid of in the mere Wei family?”
“I stepped on the Lu family, and I stepped on the Lu Xu family.”
“A small Zhonghai Wei family, does it have the ability to pass the sky?”
Ye Fan replied sharply, with torrents resounding everywhere. There is endless anger in the deep words.
This time the Wei family’s attack seemed to be aimed at Xu Lei, but it was actually aimed at Ye Fan.
They first sent people to lobby the Xue family, and then forced Xu Lei to abdicate, not for the purpose of cutting off Ye Fan’s arm in charge of Yanjing.
The land of Yanjing, although not Ye Fan’s basic plate. But Ye Fan, relying on the hands of the Xue family, also operated here for several years.
After so many years of hard work, how could Ye Fan hand over others?
What’s more, if he retires this time, how will Xu Lei gain a foothold in Yanjing and Xu’s family in the future?
“Vertical arrogant~”
“Really a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.”
“Do you really think that if you dominate Jiangdong and convince the Xue family, you will be lawless and willful?”
“I’m telling you, the Wei family’s strength is beyond your imagination.”
“You are so insulting Young Master Wei now, just wait for the overwhelming revenge from the Wei family.”
“At that time, not only your Yanjing industry will not be able to protect, but also your Jiangdong industry, you will not be able to protect it~”
When Xu Lei was talking to Ye Fan, Xu Wenqing and the Xu family behind him were already calm. Although he was frightened, he still yelled at Ye Fan in a fierce manner.
Now they can only rely on Wei Luo’s family to suppress Ye Fan.
However, as soon as Xu Wenqing’s words fell, Ye Fan’s senran gaze had already fallen.
At that time, Xu Wenqing felt all over his body shuddering, suddenly aroused.
That kind of feeling is like being caught by death.
And Ye Fan also raised his footsteps and slowly approached in Xu Wenqing’s direction.
Every time he took a step, Xu Wenqing’s old face became pale.
In the end, Xu Wenqing trembled and asked anxiously: “You…what do you want to do?”
“I am the elder of the Xu family and the elder of Xu Lei. Could it be that you dare to…”
Just halfway through Xu Wenqing’s words, Ye Fan slapped it.
Teeth shattered and flesh and blood flew.
“This slap, I’ll slap for the Xu family, slap you with eyes and no beads, no matter good or bad, no right from wrong!

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