A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3020

With another palm, Ye Fan stuck it up again.
With Xu Wenqing’s screams, half of his face was beaten crooked by Ye Fan.
“With this slap, I will slap Xiao Lei, beat you faint and old, and believe in slander, forcing Xiao Lei to abdicate!”
There was another muffled noise.
This last palm of Ye Fan directly flew Xu Wenqing out.
The old body dashed across the sky and land, and fell to the ground fiercely, vomiting all over the ground with blood with broken teeth.
“With this palm, I will beat you to death or death, repentance, repeat offenses!!”
“Last time, for the sake of Xiao Lei’s face, I saved your life.”
“Unexpectedly, my kindness will get you worse.”
“This time, how can I forgive you again?”
Senran’s sound was like a violent wind.
Ye Fan slapped him three times in a row. The soy saucer, the oldest clan elder of the Xu family, was lying on the ground, bloody and unable to stand up.
As for the rest of the Xu family, they were already scared.
Standing aside, dare not even fart.
Even these Xu families are always like this, let alone Xu Meifeng.
After all, Xu Meifeng is someone who has experienced Ye Fan’s majesty.
She had no doubt that if she stood up again at this time, Ye Fan might have killed her.
However, they dare not provoke Ye Fan, but it doesn’t mean that Ye Fan will let them go.
After Ye Fan stunned Xu Wenqing, he turned to look at the rest of the Xu family, and the majestic anger sounded again.
“And you, a bunch of ignorant people.”
“At the beginning, during the Yanqi Lake battle, your Xu family provoke me.”
“If it weren’t for Xiao Lei, I would have already destroyed the Xu family!”
“But you, don’t know how to return, don’t know how to be grateful, and now you are uniting with outsiders to exclude Xiao Lei.”
“You guys, can you be worthy of Xiao Lei’s heartfelt heart? You are worthy of Xiao Lei’s hard work?”
“You only know that Xiao Lei is doing things for me.”
“But how did you know that what Xiao Lei did was also for your entire Xu family!”
“In the past two years, if it weren’t for Xiao Lei, could your Xu family have the prosperity they are today?”
“A group of old and mediocre people, you treat Xiaolei like this, without guilt in your heart?”
The surging sound, the burning words, only if the thunder rolls by.
Ye Fan asked several questions on his face, and everyone in the Xu family who asked directly was flushed and speechless.
Finally, Ye Fan shouted angrily: “Kneel down for me!”
Enthusiasm swept through, mighty power.
After Ye Fan drank this, everyone felt like the mountain was overwhelming.
The Xu family members in the hall were all embarrassed and knelt down.
In front of them, only Ye Fan stood proudly with his hands, full of prestige.
Looking at the boy at this time, Xu Lei’s beautiful eyes were already flushed unconsciously. In my heart, I was moved.
The world is big and there are many people.
However, in the endless crowd, there is only this young man in front of him who knows her grievances, understands her coldness and warmth, and he is the only one who will help himself when he is wronged.
“Brother Xiaofan, Leier’s greatest fortune in this life is to meet you~”
Xu Lei’s beautiful eyes were red, and the corners of her mouth were smiling.
However, at this moment, Wei Luo, who was forced to kneel, suddenly smiled.
The laughter was crazy, with endless resentment and aura. ,
Ye Fan frowned and looked at him: “What are you laughing at?”
“I laughed at you and you were going to die.”
“Just now, I already asked my family for help through my mobile phone.”
“Soon, my people will arrive!”
“At that time, it will be your death date~”
Wei Luo endured the pain, grinning coldly, full of grandeur and wanton.
Wei Luo is the prince of the Wei family, so he naturally has emergency help in case of accidents.
This time, it undoubtedly came in handy.
Now that he wants to deal with Ye Fan, he can only rely on the power of his family.

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