A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 303

“Go away!”
Facing Wang Xiu’e’s sarcasm, Qiu Mucheng naturally ignored it.
He just replied coldly, and then pushed Wang Xiu’e away and walked towards his office.
However, when Qiu Mucheng opened the door and entered, he found that the decoration style of the office had also completely changed.
All the sofas were replaced by a new set, and the room was covered with a brand-new carpet. Even the desk was replaced by a set of artificial mahogany tables, and the chair was an expensive ergonomic chair.
The level of luxury in front of her surprised Qiu Mucheng.
As for the former office position of Qiu Mucheng, she was already seated at this time.
Moreover, they are still one man and one woman, two!
“Which thing that doesn’t have eyes?”
“Don’t you know if you come in?”
“If you still want to do it, just let me go if you don’t want to do it!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this time, Qiu Muying was going crazy, Chu Wenfei also straightened out some messy clothes, his face was full of sullen and displeased.
Just now, Qiu Muying was in love with her husband in the office, but Qiu Muying didn’t expect that she had just sat on her husband’s lap, and the red lips of the two had just met. The kissing hadn’t started yet. The door was violently opened.
Qiu Muying was naturally angry when good things were disturbed by people like this, without the slightest sense of shame of being affectionate in the workplace during working hours.
“Qiu Muying, this is the company, not your home!”
“I advise you not to go too far.”
“Otherwise, don’t blame me for not thinking about sisterhood, tell grandpa.”
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was cold, and she scolded angrily at the disheveled couple in front of her.
Obviously, Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect that Qiu Muying and his wife would be so courageous. They kissed there during working hours, or on her desk.
“Who am I, it’s you?”
“Qiu Mucheng, I didn’t expect you to be embarrassed to come back?”
Seeing that it was Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying suddenly smiled, and his eyebrows were full of teasing and mockery.
“Step aside!”
“Go home lovingly, don’t affect my office.”
“Zhang Heng, please give me the two of them out!”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t bother to talk nonsense with their husband and wife.
She knew it was useless to say too much, Qiu Muying and the others are now being favored by her father. With Father Qiu as the backstage, Qiu Mucheng really couldn’t help them.
Had to ask Zhang Heng to kick them two out of the office.
However, one second, two seconds, ten seconds passed, and no one came over.
“Zhang Heng, didn’t you hear me, I’m calling you!”
Qiu Mucheng was immediately unhappy, frowning again.
As one of Qiu Mucheng’s close associates, Zhang Heng’s office has always been next door. On weekdays, Qiu Mucheng will call him.
But today, after so long, this Zhang Heng hasn’t even appeared yet, Qiu Mucheng is of course unhappy.
Qiu Muying smiled when she saw this.
She held her hands and sat at her desk, looking at Qiu Mucheng with a smile: “Zhang Heng? You mean Zhang Heng, the office director next door, right now, he is looking at the door of the company. You didn’t see it when you came. him?”
Qiu Muying’s words made Qiu Mucheng suddenly startled, and the chill on Qiao’s face immediately became much colder.
“Qiu Muying, do you think you talk nonsense, I will believe you?”
“Zhang Heng is an old man in the company, how could the uncle transfer him to the guard post?”

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