A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3021

“is it?”
Facing Wei Luo’s threat, Ye Fan sneered.
“Well, if that’s the case, then today I, Ye Fan, will be waiting here.”
“I want to see, the so-called family in your mouth, the so-called Zhonghai giants, what on earth do you use to keep me dead?”
The sonorous words and the heroic sound, like a stone falling to the ground, trembles the entire hall.
After speaking, Ye Fan sat on the commode.
Seeing that, I was really ready to face the Zhonghai Wei family head-on.
“This is what you said.”
“Before my people came, if you run away, you are not a man.”
Wei Luo deliberately agitated Ye Fan.
Originally, he was worried that Ye Fan would take the opportunity to flee before his clan members arrived.
But now, Ye Fan’s words are undoubtedly what Wei Luo wanted.
But Xu Lei and the others couldn’t help but start to get a little worried, and immediately persuaded Ye Fan in a low voice, “Brother Xiao Fan, don’t be fooled by him.”
“He deliberately aroused you.”
“If Wei Luo really asks the family for help, then the Wei family must be prepared.”
“And we are not prepared yet. If we confront the Wei family head-on now, we are afraid that we will suffer.”
“Brother Xiaofan, I think we’d better avoid the edge for the time being, and consider the long-term plan.”
“The Wei family is not an ordinary family, the Lu family and the Xu family before, dare not provoke them.”
It is precisely because of the knowledge of the Wei family that Xu Lei is so jealous and worried.
She is really afraid, afraid that today’s things will be overwhelming.
Xu Lei had no doubt that once Ye Fan really faced the Wei family.
By then, it is bound to set off a huge storm in the land of hot summer.
This situation is undoubtedly something Xu Lei doesn’t want to see.
He didn’t want her brother Xiao Fan to start quarrels and fights with others.
Because where there are disputes, people will be injured and people will fall.
Despite all these years, Ye Fan has always been the one standing amidst the countless disputes.
However, Xu Lei was also very scared, so afraid that one day her brother Xiao Fan would fall.
Because of this, Xu Lei has always tried his best to avoid conflicts with powerful forces.
However, for good fortune and others, things in the world are often unsatisfactory.
The thing Xu Lei worried about the most happened after all.
“Xiao Lei, you don’t have to worry.”
“Only the Wei family is nothing but ants in my eyes.”
“After today, I will let everyone know, my sister, Ye Fan, don’t deceive!”
The sound is like muffled thunder, bringing endless power to sweep across.
For a time, there was a gust of wind blowing in the entire hall.
Ye Fan’s domineering, Ye Fan’s boldness, and Ye Fan’s majesty are all concentrated in these words, shaking people’s hearts.
“Who can’t speak big words?”
“Also ants?”
“Does everyone know?”
“I can go to Nima!”
“You will soon know how naive and ridiculous your words are in front of my Wei family?”
Wei Luo just couldn’t understand Ye Fan’s pretense.
Even though he was forced to kneel, he still gritted his teeth and cursed Ye Fan.
Not to mention anything else, Wei Luo’s spine alone is not a shame to his Wei family.
But when Wei Luo and Ye Fan were tit-for-tat, everyone else in the hall was silent.
For a while, the entire Xujia Manor was enveloped in a solemn and depressing atmosphere.
It seems that in the future, the wind is full!
Both Xu Wenqing and Xu Meifeng and others were staring at the young man who was sitting peacefully with a surprised look.
They are really curious, this boy named Ye Fan from the countryside is really not afraid of it?
Wei Luo said, the Wei family is already on the way.
But Ye Fan was still so calm and calm.
Is he serious, and doesn’t leave it to himself?
Are you confident?
Or pretend to be able?
This is a problem.

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