A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3022

At this time, Zhonghai is thousands of miles away.
It was dusk, and the red sun was gradually sinking to the west.
The entire Huangpu River has been dyed dreamy red by the afterglow of the setting sun.
The huge freighter sailed down the river with a loud whistle.
The streets of the city are also busy.
Pedestrians and vehicles come and go in an endless stream.
The entire Zhonghai presents a prosperous and noisy scene all the time.
And just beside the Huangpu River, where there is an inch of land and gold, there is a huge manor.
When the pedestrians passing by on the road, they will cast a yearning light inside.
Especially some women are even fantasizing that one day they will be able to marry into this family and become wealthy wives in one fell swoop.
Yes, this huge manor house is the largest wealthy family in Zhonghai, the Weijia Manor.
On the tarmac inside the manor, there was a roar that echoed uncontrollably.
In front of the huge helicopter, a group of several people are making military orders to the Wei family’s head.
“President Wei, don’t worry.”
“Entrusted by others, loyal to others.”
“I am going to Yanjing, and I will definitely bring Linglang back intact!”
“Brought back together with the body of the person who provoke the Linglang.”
At this time, the speaker was a white-haired old man.
Although the old man’s tone was low and calm, invisible, there was a trembling majesty.
“Then please, Master Han.”
Wei Chen, the head of the Wei family, clasped his fists slightly and said politely to the old man.
That tone also seemed very polite and respectful.
The strong are respected wherever they go.
Even for a century-old wealthy family like the Wei family, like the white-haired old man in front of him, that is definitely a respectable existence in the Wei family.
After a short conversation, the white-haired old man led a few people and took a special plane directly to take off from the land of the sea to the land of Yanjing!
However, shortly after sending them away, Wei Chen, the head of the Wei family, received a call.
After hanging up the phone, Wei Chen immediately instructed his niece Wei Lu next to him: “Little Deer, you should let me know. An hour later, let all the senior members of the family gather in the chamber!”
“Even if I fly, I have to fly on time.”
“It’s about the future of the family, no one is allowed to be absent.” Wei Chen said in a deep voice.
“Huh? Uncle, what’s wrong, has something happened?” Wei Lu worried.
Wei Chen didn’t say much, but just replied: “Your father is back.”
After one hour.
The meeting hall was already full of people.
At this moment, the person who can sit here is not the person in charge of one party’s affairs in the Wei family.
“You said, what happened tonight?”
“What happened?”
“Call us over in such a hurry?”
“I’m watching the meeting over there?”
“Who said no?”
“I was halfway through the infusion at the hospital, and I rushed to the hospital after the needle was pulled out.”
“I don’t know what the big thing is, it’s so urgent?”
“Could it be Yanjing’s side, something happened?”
The fact that Wei Luo brought people into Yanjing was no secret within the Wei family.
And it was supported and inspired by most of the family.
Therefore, many people know.
Now, when a meeting is suddenly held, everyone is naturally guessing in this regard.
“Don’t guess, wait until the Patriarch and others come.”
In the hall, these people who came in a hurry talked and complained.
After all, this family meeting came too suddenly and in a hurry, leaving them with no preparation at all.
“Here, here comes, Patriarch is here~”
Following, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door.
Sure enough, Wei Chen walked in with a serious face.
There was one person beside him.
Wearing a black trench coat and boots, this person looks like Wei Chen with seven points.
For outsiders, the black man in front of him may be a bit strange.
But for the senior Wei family, this man in black clothes was not a small character.
It’s Wei Chen’s younger brother, Wei Guang, who is second only to the Wei Family Patriarch in the family!

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Please Skip this Xu family scene, it’s getting stretching and boring, if it has nothing to do with chu family then I think many of us don’t want this.

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