A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 304

The appointment of personnel is fundamental to the company, so Qiu Mucheng’s uncle Qiu Guang has always been in charge.
“Don’t believe me?”
“If you don’t believe it, then you can ask your confidant Cuckoo.”
“I lied to you, your good sister, Cuckoo, shouldn’t lie to you?”
Qiu Muying spoke coldly and continued.
Qiu Mucheng ignored her, and immediately began to call Dujuan’s name again.
However, dozens of seconds passed, and no one responded.
“Oh, third sister, I almost forgot. Your good sister Dujuan has been transferred to the cleaning department to be responsible for the company’s daily cleaning. At this time, it is probably still cleaning the toilet in a toilet.”
Qiu Muying said yin and yang weirdly, and Chu Wenfei on the side also sneered.
The couple looked at Qiu Mucheng’s eyes at this time, as if they were looking at a 58a5927e joke. Remember to read in one second
They deliberately embarrassed Qiu Mucheng.
“You bullshit!”
“Du Juan and Zhang Heng are both capable players in the company.”
“Uncle can never let you be so self-willed!”
Qiu Mucheng still guarded her last stubbornness.
“Mr. Qiu, the file you want.”
At this time, Li Feifei came in.
“Feifei, you came just right. I just said that two of your previous colleagues, one was looking at the door and the other was cleaning the toilet, but our manager at Qiu University didn’t believe me. In that case, tell her that I was right. No? In addition, you can tell your old boss who is now in charge of the project department. Who is responsible for the cooperation of Hongqi Group, and whose assistant you are now.
Seeing Li Feifei coming, Qiu Muying smiled at the corner of her mouth, and asked her old subordinate Li Feifei to tell her these things in person.
Let the person Qiu Mucheng trusted most at the time tell her the cruelest things. Killing and punishing the heart, but that’s it.
When Li Feifei told Qiu Mucheng about all the personnel changes in the company in the past few days, the beautiful girl in front of her, with a pretty face, turned white.
“Sister, did you hear that?”
“Now I am responsible for the cooperation with Hongqi Group.”
“Furthermore, yesterday my husband and I just hosted a banquet for Manager Liu of Hongqi Group. It is also a coincidence that the manager Liu who is responsible for the cooperation with our Qiushui Logistics in Hongqi Group is a good friend of my husband’s father in the business world. The friendship is here. I will do well in this cooperation.”
“As for you, Qiu Mucheng. There is no place for you in this autumn water logistics!”
Qiu Muying said triumphantly, the gaze almost like a winner, full of jokes.
“By the way, San Jie, I would like to thank you for the project plan you made earlier. Grandpa was very satisfied with it and praised me at the family meeting yesterday.”
Listening to Qiu Muying’s words, Qiu Mucheng’s face became paler. Until the end, when she heard that Qiu Muying took the project plan that she had spent several days of painstaking efforts to make, and asked him for credit, Qiu Mucheng was trembling with anger, and her whole body staggered and almost fell. inverted.
“Feifei, good, you are good.”
“That’s your vote certificate.”
“Feifei, I don’t blame you, but if you want to blame it, Qiu Mucheng has no eyes and misbelieves the villain~”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows and eyes were red, but her entire body was trembling because of anger and grievance.
She never thought that the person she trusted the most would betray her.
She didn’t even expect that in just a few days, Grandpa would have removed her post again, vetoing all her efforts and sweat.
After so long of giving, so many days of hard work, it finally fell into Qiu Muying’s hands.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt that her life had failed like that.
She couldn’t figure it out, she really couldn’t figure it out, what did she do wrong?
Why did Grandpa make things difficult for her so many times.
Is it because she is not as good as Qiu Muying’s rhetoric to make people happy?
Was it because the man she married was born in a poor family and was powerless?
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng felt aggrieved.
Her beautiful eyes flushed, she turned and ran away.
She is not reconciled, she is never reconciled, she is going to find grandpa, she must ask everything.

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