A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 305

At this moment, Qiu Mucheng ran on the road with red eyes.
There are endless grievances that want to pour out, and endless doubts that want to ask.
He must ask Grandpa clearly what she did wrong and why did she do this to her?
When Qiu Mucheng ran to the old house of the Qiu family, Mr. Qiu was feeding the birds in the yard.
After seeing Grandpa, Qiu Mucheng flushed her eyebrows and asked directly: “Grandpa, why, what is it?”
“You said a few days ago that I was in charge of this project. Why do you deprive me of my power halfway through?”
“In other words, you planned it from the beginning.”
“Pretending to make me take full responsibility, you will kick me out as soon as Hongqi Group’s money arrives. Let Qiu Muying take my job?”
Qiu Mucheng questioned loudly, but Qiu Mucheng’s angry voice could be heard echoing throughout the Chu Family’s old house.
However, Mr. Qiu, as if he hadn’t heard him, was still trimming the flowers and plants in the yard and feeding the birds in the cage. For Qiu Mucheng’s words, she turned a deaf ear.
“Grandpa, speak up.” The first URL m.
“Why are you so partial?”
“Is it only Qiu Muying who is your granddaughter?”
“Am I not your granddaughter?”
“Could it be that the blood in my Qiu Mucheng’s body is not our Qiu family’s blood?”
“Why, why do you all treat me like this.”
“Not only did I get rid of my position, but also embarrassed my subordinates so that they would look at the door and clean the toilet?”
“Could it be that my Qiu Mucheng really doesn’t let Grandpa like it like this? Don’t let the Qiu family like it?”
Qiu Mucheng said sadly, tears streaming down her eyes.
The look of sadness is almost heartbreaking.
However, Old Man Qiu remained indifferent. After Qiu Mucheng arrived, he didn’t even look at her. Above the old face, there was no expression on his face, and he was repairing the flowers and plants in the yard.
In this way, Father Qiu dried Qiu Mucheng for a day.
Until the evening, all the relatives of Qiu’s family had left the company and returned to the old house. Only then did Mr. Qiu summon everyone into the hall to discuss matters.
“You come in with me too.”
Elder Qiu carried his hands on his back, turned his back to Qiu Mucheng, and said coldly, and then walked into the Qiu family hall.
In the hall, all the rooms of the Qiu family are in.
Qiu Muying and his wife had already returned from the company a long time ago. Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s haggard look, they were very proud of their hearts. They sat aside and watched gloating.
Qiu Guang, Qiu Luo and others were also there, and the gaze that looked at Qiu Mucheng was also displeased and indifferent.
“Dad, what’s the matter?”
“Call us in such a hurry.”
“Mucheng, you are here too. I haven’t seen anyone for a few days. You Nizi, don’t you tell your mother when you come back?”
At this time, outside the hall, Qiu Mucheng’s parents also rushed in in a hurry.
Qiu Mucheng’s parents had no status in the Qiu family, and they were rarely called to attend family meetings on weekdays. Today, Han Li, Qiulei and his wife are uncharacteristically uncharacteristic.
“Kneel down!”
However, as soon as Qiulei and his wife arrived on the high seat, Old Man Qiu immediately yelled, making Qiulei tremble all over, and his face turned pale.
“Dad, what…what’s wrong?”

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