A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 306

Qiulei was very scared, looking at the old man with a panic face, completely unaware of what he had committed.
“Asshole thing, I will make you kneel!”
Old man Qiu patted the table and drank immediately.
Qiulei didn’t dare to speak any more, after all, he knelt down.
“And you, Qiu Mucheng, you also kneel down for me!”
Elder Qiu drank again, but this time his anger was directed at Qiu Mucheng who was aside.
Qiu Mucheng was also at a loss. She had just returned for 9 years today, and she didn’t know where she had provoke the old man again.
“Grandpa, granddaughter doesn’t understand.”
“If there is no valid reason, my granddaughter will never kneel down!” Qiu Mucheng had already complained about the company’s affairs, but now the old man made her kneel down indiscriminately, of course she refused.
“If you want a reason, then I will give you a reason.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Qiu Mucheng, let me ask you, why did Hongqi Group, such a large group, suddenly choose to cooperate with a small company of our Qiu Shui Logistics, and it is almost like sending money, so it is so profitable to the Qiu family?”
“Let me ask you again, why doesn’t Hongqi Group talk to others about cooperation, but only talks with you by name?”
“On the other day in the Beauty CafĂ©, Ye Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, a poor countryman, and an unnamed and useless person, why can he sit with Xu Lei, the richest man in Yunzhou, so close?”
“The above three points, if you can give me a valid reason to convince me, today my Qiu Zhenglun will not only stop you from kneeling, but also let our Qiu family kneel down and apologize to you, and give you justice!”
In the hall, the old man Qiu was angry. The words were strong, but the words of anger continued to explode in the hall.
Repeatedly asked three times, even more aggressive, only if the stone fell to the ground, sonorous and powerful.
Qiu Mucheng was stunned at the same place. Faced with the words of Mr. Qiu, Qiu Mucheng opened her mouth, but she didn’t know how to explain it.
After all, these three questions are exactly what she puzzled.
She couldn’t figure it out by herself, how could she explain it to Mr. Qiu?
“Say, didn’t you just feel wronged?”
“Now I give you a chance, why don’t you say?”
Old man Qiu asked again angrily.
Qiu Lei and Han Li also urged Qiu Mucheng not to hide, and said quickly.
“You damn Nizi, just say it. If you angered the old man, our family will not have a good time.” Han Li scolded from the side.
Qiu Mucheng lowered her head and said in a low voice: “Our cooperation with Hongqi Group is due to Mr. Xu owing Ye Fan the favor, so we paid it back in this way. As for the meeting in the cafe, it should be because of Xu. Lei would like to thank Ye Fan for his favor.”
“I’ll go, pay back the favor?”
“Sister, you treat our grandfather as a three-year-old child. Ye Fan is a poor dick in the country, what kind of favor do you think he has to make Yunzhou’s richest man Xu Zong pay back?”
“Do you believe this lie you made up?” Qiu Muying sneered, and said in a fanfare.
Sure enough, the old man Qiu was almost impatient, and his anger was suppressed in his low words: “Qiu Mucheng, I will give you another chance. You’d better explain it honestly.”
“Otherwise, don’t blame Grandpa for ruthlessly driving you out of the house!”
“Don’t, Dad.”
“Mucheng is young and ignorant. Don’t be familiar with her.”
“I’ll let her tell the truth!”
When Han Li heard that the old man was about to drive Qiu Mucheng out of the Qiu family, she was immediately anxious.
Now their husband and wife are all raised by Qiu Mucheng. If she is kicked out of Qiu’s company, how will their family eat in the future?
“Mucheng, hurry up and speak honestly.”
“Don’t lie to your grandpa!”
“Your grandpa has gone through the vicissitudes of life, and has long been insightful in the world, and has cultivated human relationships. You can’t fool your grandpa?”
“Hurry up, what is the reason!”
“Are you going to piss our old couple out?” Han Li almost cried, anxiously persuing from the side.

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