A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 307

Facing the questioning of her parents and relatives, Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows were red, but she still said that way: “Mom, I didn’t lie to Grandpa, Mr. Xu is really just paying back Ye Fan’s favor.”
“Autumn Mucheng, I asked you to marry Ye Fan for a wasteful life, to punish you, make you think about yourself, and make you reform yourself.”
“But I didn’t expect that in the past three years, you have not only made no progress, but you have also learned to lie, learned to deceive people, become vain, and become shameless with that wimp!”
Father Qiu said this too hard, Qiu Mucheng was stunned at the time, her beautiful eyes were red, and she looked at her grandfather in disbelief.
“Grandpa, why do you say that to me?”
“I don’t know what I did wrong, let you describe me with such malicious words?”
“Tell me, what did I do wrong?”
Qiu Mucheng was puzzled, lifted up and looked forward, looking directly at Father Qiu.
When Mr. Qiu saw this, he was naturally even more angry.
“Qiu Mucheng, haven’t you been telling the truth yet?” Remember to read the book for one second
“Do you really think I don’t know if you don’t say it?”
“I ask you, did you let Ye Fan seduce Mr. Xu and let Ye Fan be a cow and horse for Mr. Xu, and even let Ye Fan sacrifice his hue and dignity to give Mr. Xu a little white face? In exchange for Mr. Xu’s gift to your husband and wife?”
“That loan contract and the cooperation between Hongqi Group and Qiushui Logistics were all obtained by your husband and wife through such dirty means?”
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, grandpa never thought that you, who was so pure and kind back then, would obviously become such a face?”
“In order to achieve the goal, do whatever it takes, even sacrifice one’s own man.”
“You have no shame, I am Qiu Zhenglun, but my Qiu family still has a face.”
“My Qiu Zhenglun has been sitting upright in my life. The first four of my five sons are Qiu Guang Qiu Ming Qiu Lei Qiu Luo, and they are honest and upright.”
“I don’t ask my Qiu family to be so glorious and wealthy, but at least they are doing things upright and upright.”
“But you, you actually did something that insults my Qiu family style, how do you let me forgive you?”
The old man Qiu was obviously also furious, the sonorous words and angry words, but like thunder, echoed in the whole hall.
Speaking of the end, the old man Qiu was trembling all over, and he stood up to the scene, a pair of tiger eyes staring at Qiu Mucheng in front of him with anger.
Because of anger, the old man’s eyes were red.
Han Li, Qiulei and his wife were shocked when they heard the old man’s words, and their eyes were filled with surprise and enchantment.
“Mucheng, what your grandpa said is true?”
“Do you really want Ye Fan to sleep with other women in order to cooperate with Hongqi Group?”
“Gosh, how can you do such a vulgar thing?”
“Mucheng, speak up!”
Han Li and his wife were obviously also full of tremors, and asked Xiang Qiu Mucheng in anger.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help shaking her head, feeling aggrieved: “Mom, no, I don’t.”
“I didn’t force Ye Fan to do anything.”
“I haven’t done anything like Qiu’s family style, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, you have to believe me~”
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help explaining, tears almost flowed through her flushed brows.
However, in the face of Qiu Mucheng’s defense, Qiu Muying sneered at this moment, walked out directly, and questioned Qiu Mucheng, “San Jie, you don’t have to pretend to be pitiful here.”
“Everyone here, in fact, everyone knows in their hearts.-”
“I saw Ye Fan and Mr. Xu behave intimately and ambiguously in the Beauty Cafe that day.”

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