A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 308

“Of course, it may be that I think too much.”
“But, you can give us a convincing reason.”
“If it wasn’t for your trash husband to seduce Mr. Xu, how did your husband and wife talk about cooperating with the Hongqi Group?”
“Say it!”
Qiu Muying hugged her hand and looked gloat, and continued to ask Qiu Mucheng from the side.
After hearing this, Qiu Mucheng finally understood.
“It’s you, Qiu Muying, it’s you!”
“It is you who confuse right and wrong in front of Grandpa, it is you who talk nonsense in front of Grandpa, and it is you who instigate the discord between me and Grandpa.
“How can you do this?”
“How can you be so shameless?”
“How can you do it so wonderfully!” The starting website m.
Qiu Mucheng finally understood now that after returning from this trip to Mount Tai, why did Grandpa change his attitude 180 degrees, and why everyone looked at her like a joke.
It turned out that it was Qiu Muying, who was telling the truth. In front of her grandpa, she told Ye Fan to seduce Xu Lei for cooperation.
But Qiu Mucheng never thought that Qiu Muying would be so cruel to her by blood relatives.
Qiu Mucheng, who was angry, repeatedly questioned Qiu Muying.
“Grandpa, look at the third sister, she doesn’t know how to repent for the wrong things she did, but she blames me?” Qiu Muying continued to fan the flames.
Old man Qiu patted the table angrily, and scolded Qiu Mucheng angrily: “Have you been making trouble?”
“Hurry down on my knees!”
“I still don’t know how to repent until now. Are you really going to force me to drive you out of the Qiu family?”
At this moment, Han Li walked over and slapped Qiu Mucheng’s face with a slap.
“You bastard daughter, did you do such things without telling us?”
“Hurry up and kneel down to apologize to your grandpa!”
“Do you really want to be kicked out of the Qiu Family?”
Han Li’s words trembled as she scolded angrily.
What she worries most now is that Qiu Mucheng is kicked out of the Qiu family. Then, their family really can’t live anymore.
“Dad, Mucheng was young and ignorant. Besides, she didn’t do everything for herself, but for the company and Qiu family.”
“If the merits and demerits are equal, dad, you will bypass Mucheng again, right?”
Han Li and Qiulei’s wife also kept begging.
“Grandpa, can’t forgive me~”
“The third sister’s behavior is simply outrageous. If we still keep her in the Qiu family and things will be revealed in the future, how can our Qiu family gain a foothold in Yunzhou?”
“Yeah, Dad. This Qiu Mucheng has made trouble again and again, what else is left of this broom star?”
“Get out of the Qiu Family!”
“Let her go!”
Suddenly, in the hall, a group of relatives verbally criticized and condemned, and Qiu Mucheng pointed out in a flash, just like abandoned children in the world.
After Mr. Qiu was silent for a long time, he finally sighed and waved his hand to signal everyone to shut up, and he was looking at Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, even if you are in trouble, it will be my granddaughter.”
“I’ll give you another chance. You divorce that hillbilly, and completely separate from him.”
“So, even if things are revealed, it has nothing to do with my Qiu family.”
“As for the Hongqi Group, the contract has already been signed. Even if Ye Fan wants to get in the way, it is already too late.”
“What’s more, Manager Liu Bin of the Red Flag Group is a friend of Wen Fei’s father. With this relationship, Ye Fan is no longer useful to our Qiu family. On the contrary, it is a burden. Divorce him as soon as possible.”

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