A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 309

“Moreover, that manager Liu Bin is not bad, just not long after the divorce. Your sister Mu Ying said before that he was also very interested in you after seeing your photos and doesn’t care about your past.”
“After you divorced Ye Fan, I decided to marry Liu Bin, Manager Liu.”
“Manager Liu Bin is in a high position in the Hongqi Group. If you marry her, you can’t lose you.”
Father Qiu had already thought about it before.
Although Qiu Mucheng and his wife have done such a disgusting thing, as long as they buckle the pot on Ye Fan, and then their Qiu family will separate their relationship with Ye Fan, then this matter will be exposed to them. The influence of the family is undoubtedly minimized.
Anyway, the contract with the Hongqi Group has been signed, and the money is already in place. Ye Fan is no longer useful to their Qiu family.
Moreover, after the divorce, let Qiu Mucheng marry Manager Liu Bin, and the project leader of the Hongqi Group will become their son-in-law of Qiushui Logistics, so they will not be afraid of Hongqi Group’s withdrawal in the future.
I have to say that Mr. Qiu is really scheming.
After this consideration, there is almost no leakage.
Not only did they let Qiu Shui Logistics embrace the thigh of the Hongqi Group, but they also kept Ye Fan’s affairs away from their Qiu family.
Even Qiu Muying secretly admired her grandfather in her heart. Sure enough, Jiang was still hot. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, Liu Bin was a 40-50 year old man, and Qiu Mucheng would not be able to raise her head for the rest of her life when she married a person of this kind.
Thinking of this, Qiu Muying felt relieved again.
“Sister, see how nice grandpa treats you.”
“Not only did you fail to investigate your nonsense, but also found you a new home.”
“Manager Liu is amazing. The project manager of Hongqi Group is not very old. He is only in his fifties. It is more than enough for you. You can get a big deal. I’m not going to thank Grandpa for his wise decision.”
Qiu Muying smiled weirdly with Yin and Yang, but the fool could see that Qiu Muying was completely humiliating Qiu Mucheng’s family.
After all, Qiulei is not yet fifty years old. This Liu Bin is older than Qiu Mucheng’s father. Even if he is married, Qiu Mucheng’s family will not look much better when he walks outside.
However, they have no choice.
Perhaps this is the life of their daughter.
Han Li and Qiulei sighed, apparently they had recognized them.
Father Qiu has absolute authority in the Qiu family, and no one can disobey. Qiulei and his wife are already humble in the Qiu family, so naturally they dare not.
At this time, Father Qiu threw an agreement to Qiu Mucheng.
“This is the divorce agreement between you and Ye Fan, sign it?”
“On Ye Fan’s side, I will let someone talk to him.”
“After today, you two will not see each other.”
“In addition, Mu Ying, when you call Manager Liu, you will say that Mucheng is back and want to have dinner with him.”
“If he doesn’t have any objections, this marriage will be settled as soon as possible.” Old Master Qiu said in a deep voice, but in that majestic tone, there was no room for negotiation, let alone whether Qiu Mucheng was willing.
Just like, as far as Mr. Qiu is concerned, it is logical to decide Qiu Mucheng’s life.
However, at this moment, Qiu Mucheng laughed suddenly, and the laughter was full of self-deprecating.
“What are you laughing at?” Old man Qiu frowned, full of displeasure.
Qiu Mucheng replied, “Grandpa, don’t you think that you are too much?”
“Not only to me, but to Ye Fan.”
“The cooperation with Hongqi Group was facilitated by Ye Fan. He didn’t ask for credit or show off to anyone. He just kept silently behind his back, paying for me and the Qiu family.”
“But you crossed the river and demolished the bridge. After talking about cooperation, you wanted to draw a line with Ye Fan, and only enjoyed the benefits Ye Fan brought to our Qiu family, but didn’t think about repaying or thanking him at all.”
“Grandpa, is this the uprightness in your mouth? Is this the uprightness in your mouth?”
“Mucheng, are you crazy? Hurry up, shut up!” Han Li and his wife were terrified when they saw Qiu Mucheng hit the old man for Ye Fan, and quickly persuaded.

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