A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 315

The solemn dress, powerful aura, everyone exudes a majestic and majestic temperament.
Whether it is dressing or temperament, they all show the good identities of these people.
Therefore, from the time these people first appeared, the surging aura had trembled the Qiu family, and the entire Qiu family hall immediately became quiet.
“You…are you?”
It was Qiu Guang who was the first to come back to his senses, and stepped up to ask these men in suits and leather shoes in a puzzled manner.
“I don’t know where it is, but the Qiu family?” At this time, it was a middle-aged man holding flowers.
“Yes, this is the Qiu Family.” Qiu Guang replied, but his eyes were still full of doubts. I don’t know why these people suddenly came to their Qiu Family?
“Then I don’t know who is Miss Qiu?” The middle-aged man continued to ask.
“Ms. Qiu? Miss Qiu?” Qiu Guang was stunned.
Mr. Qiu has many yards, and many people in the company call him Mr. Qiu.
But after hearing that Miss Qiu, Qiu Guang knew that these people should have come to Qiu Muying. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Yingying, come here quickly and find you.” Qiu Guang called out.
“Huh? Looking for me?” Qiu Muying’s face was still a little swollen, and she was shocked when she heard Qiu Guang’s words.
She didn’t remember who she had dated tonight.
However, Qiu Muying ac9075a1 finally went up.
“You are?”
Looking at these people in front of him, Qiu Muying wondered.
“Haha, are you Mr. Qiu?”
“I heard that our head Qiu is better than Huajiao, who looks like a sinking fish and falling geese, and looks like a closed moon and a shameful flower. I saw it today and it turned out…”
Before seeing the person clearly, the middle-aged man began to greet him.
However, when I came closer, I saw Qiu Muying’s swollen face like a dead pig. The last few words were suffocated by the middle-aged man. In the end, he just smiled awkwardly and muttered to herself in a low voice. Said, “Sure enough, the gap is a bit big~”
However, the middle-aged man was still smiling, respectful and polite, and presented flowers to Qiu Muying: “Mr. Qiu, this is the first meeting, please take care of him in the future.”
“My name is Zhang Xiaosong. I used to work for Yunhai Group. After today, I will be a subordinate of Mr. Qiu.
“From now on, Zhang Xiaosong will do my best to assist Mr. Qiu and lead our company towards a better tomorrow!”
Zhang Xiaosong smiled, and his words of respect sounded slowly under the night.
At the same time, Zhang Xiaosong stretched out his hand to Qiu Muying, shaking hands in respect.
“You… what did you just say?”
“You… are you Zhang Xiaosong?”
“The CEO of Yunhai Group?”
“That famous manager?”
“One of the top ten economic figures of the year in Yunzhou last year?”
However, after Zhang Xiaosong reported his name, Qiu Guang, Qiu Luo, and Qiu Muying were all shocked.
“What Zhang Xiaosong, is it great?” Wang Qiaoyu asked Qiu Guang who was aside in doubt.
“Nonsense, this man is a legend in the Yunzhou business community.”
“In the past, Yunhai Group was just a state-owned enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy under the Yunzhou Municipal Government.”
“But later, Yunzhou City hired a professional manager Zhang Xiaosong as the CEO of Yunhai Group, and was ordered in danger. At that time, Yunhai Group was heavily in debt and was struggling internally and externally. It is said that the city finance only gave Zhang Xiaosong 100,000 yuan at that time!”
“No one is optimistic about this company on the verge of bankruptcy, and even the city government has given up and is ready to break the pot, otherwise it will not only give Zhang Xiaosong 100,000 yuan in start-up capital.”
“However, such a shaky group, one year after it was handed over to Zhang Xiaosong, relied on the one hundred thousand yuan to be revitalized.”
“In just two years, it turned losses into profits, and all debts were paid off in three years.”
“Now it has become a major pillar of Yunzhou’s finances.”
“That year, Zhang Xiaosong completely became famous in the Yunzhou business community.”
“Rated as the top ten economic figures of the year, business leaders in Yunzhou, well-known entrepreneurs in Yunzhou, ten famous professional managers in Jiangdong~”
Qiu Guang kept talking, his old face flushed with excitement.

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