A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 316

Zhang Xiaosong, this person may not be famous in the world of ordinary people, but in the business circles of Yunzhou, this person’s name is too loud.
Even the boss of a small and micro enterprise like Qiu Guang has a reputation for him, and he even reads his interviews and books published by Zhang Xiaosong every day to learn about business management experience.
However, Qiu Guang never thought that such a powerful professional manager would now be under the banner of their Qiushui Logistics and would like to work for them.
“Mu Ying is amazing!”
“Can you recruit such talent for my Qiu family?”
“It seems that our decision to hand over the power of the company to you, not to that rebellious girl Qiu Mucheng, was correct.”
“Father, my Qiu family will have such a talent in the future, you will always wait at home to count the money, right?”
The entire Qiu family is undoubtedly excited at this moment.
The anger that Old Man Qiu had just caused by Qiu Mucheng and his wife just now dissipated, and his old face was filled with joy. Remember to read in one second
“Okay, Muying is still promising.”
“Peaches and plums don’t say anything, it’s just because of Mu Ying’s young and promising that talents like Zhang Xiaosong came to help him.
“Mu Ying, Qiu Family has you, ZTE hopes!”
“The company has you, the future can be expected!”
“Grandpa is proud of you.”
Father Qiu couldn’t help but applaud.
The rest of the Qiu family also agreed.
“Yes, Mu Ying, uncle is also proud of you~”
“And big aunt!”
“The company will grow stronger in the future, and you will be the biggest hero of our Qiu family~”
The whole Qiu family was very happy. After hearing Zhang Xiaosong’s feat, they seemed to have seen the scene of wealth rolling in in the future.
Wang Qiaoyu was even more happy, and she didn’t expect her daughter to be so awesome.
It was so awesome that Zhang Xiaosong, the economic figure of the year in Yunzhou City, came to serve.
Qiu Muyingye
It was full of panic.
Don’t talk about others, didn’t she think that she was already so awesome? Attracting so many talents to come to work for her.
“Yingying, what are you doing in a daze? Mr. Zhang is offering you flowers, you are the boss, don’t take it soon.” Chu Wenfei walked over, put his arms around his wife, and said with a smile.
Only then did Qiu Muying come back to her senses, she quickly accepted the flower offering, cleared her throat, and put on the majesty look that a big boss should have: “Yeah. Xiaosong is it, don’t worry, I will reuse you in the future. When you get to my hand, you can just work hard, pay and do not worry about it.”
Qiu Muying’s pretense is very full, Xiaosong shouted, completely looking like a strong business man. Finally, he took the flowers from Zhang Xiaosong’s hand, with a hint of arrogance at the corner of his mouth.
“Muying is good.”
“I see, the position of Qiu Shui Logistics’ top leader can also be given to Mu Ying.”
“It’s so promising. Compared with Mu Ying, that Qiu Mucheng from the third family’s family is nothing but shit~” Jiang Hong and others couldn’t help but smile, and the whole Qiu family looked at Qiu Muying with approval. .
At this moment, Qiu Muying was very energetic, as if standing at the top of her life, she smiled at Qiu Mucheng, who was full of disappointment and hagginess in front of her, and smiled proudly: “Sister, how?”
“My Qiu Muying’s family business has a double harvest, but you, can you compare to me?”
“After today, your Qiu Mucheng is destined to be trampled under my feet forever.”
Qiu Muying’s proud voice echoed throughout the Qiu family’s house.
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was pale, with loss, she lowered her head.
Han Li and his wife are also full of sorrow, and their hearts are full of sorrow.
However, at this moment, Zhang Xiaosong, who originally presented the flowers respectfully, was taken aback, “Huh? Your name is Qiu Muying?”
At this time, someone behind him poked Zhang Xiaohong: “Mr. Zhang, I took a look at the photo, and the one over there seems to be Mr. Qiu.”
“Why didn’t you say it earlier?!”
“I admitted the wrong person!”
Zhang Xiaosong’s face turned black at the time, and then grabbed flowers from Qiu Muying’s hand, turned his head and ran in the direction of Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.

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