A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 317

“got the wrong person?”
The scene in front of him made everyone in the Qiu family stunned.
what’s going on?
Qiu Muying was also stunned. Doubts emerged on her originally proud and pretty face.
At this time, Zhang Xiaosong was undoubtedly preparing to take back flowers from Qiu Muying and give them to Qiu Mucheng.
This flower was prepared by their subordinates to give to their boss, and now it was given to the wrong person, of course they have to get it back.
However, what made Zhang Xiaosong speechless was that he just failed to get the flower back from Qiu Muying’s hand.
“Miss, please let go!”
“This is my flower, why should I let it go?” Qiu Muying didn’t let it go at all.
Zhang Xiaosong was speechless at the time: “Sister, this is the flower we bought, when will it become yours?” First URL m.
“But you gave it to me, and that’s mine.”
Damn it!
Zhang Xiaosong was totally fascinated at the time.
Is there such a brazen person in the world?
Fortunately, he had admitted the wrong person, otherwise Zhang Xiaosong would feel like he should cry if the rude woman in front of him is really his boss.
“Miss, I said that I gave the wrong person. This flower is not for you.” Zhang Xiaosong explained again.
But where did Qiu Muying listen to him explain, clinging to her life and death and not letting go.
Zhang Xiaosong was obviously angry too, and in the end, regardless of whether the woman in front of him agreed with him, he robbed him straight away.
In the end, ignoring Qiu Muying’s desperate look, Zhang Xiaosong took the flower and walked directly in front of Qiu Mucheng.
This time at 63f0e6f7, Zhang Xiaosong was obviously more cautious: “Excuse me, can you be Miss Qiu Muchengqiu?”
Qiu Mucheng nodded, but her beautiful eyes looked at these people in front of her suspiciously.
She had also heard of Zhang Xiaosong’s reputation, but for this kind of business elite and accomplished person, Qiu Mucheng didn’t think she was an ordinary woman and would have anything to do with them, let alone why these people sought her out.
Zhang Xiaosong was relieved to see Qiu Mucheng nodding.
“That’s right now.”
After Zhang Xiaosong smiled and finished speaking, his expression became serious and serious. He took out a document from his bag and solemnly read to Qiu Mucheng: “Mr. Qiu, the company’s board of directors has decided to appoint you as the No. 1 of Mufan Real Estate Group. One-term CEO.”
“This is your letter of appointment.”
“Also please President Qiu not to resign, take over as president and take charge of the overall situation of the group!”
While talking, Zhang Xiaosong presented flowers to Qiu Mucheng.
Respectful words rang quietly in this Qiu family hall.
And after Zhang Xiaosong finished speaking, all the people who had followed Zhang Xiaosong came forward and worshipped Qiu Mucheng.
“Xia Donghai, the company’s financial director, came to see Mr. Qiu.”
“President Qiu, please accept the appointment, take the position of company president, and take charge of the overall situation of the group!”
“Xia Donghai?”
“Could it be, Xia Donghai, vice president of Extraordinary Entertainment Group?”
“Yunzhou Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Representatives?”
“One of the economic figures of the year?!!!”
“my God!”
“He’s here too!”
At this time, hearing Xia Donghai’s name, the entire Qiu family was shocked again.
After Zhang Xiaosong and Zhang Xiaosong reported their names, it was like a huge boulder falling into the sea, setting off a huge wave.
The rest of them all stepped forward, bowed and bowed, respectfully worshipping Qiu Mucheng.
“HR Director Wang Sihai~”
“Operation Director Xu Dalu~”
“Come and meet Mr. Qiu!”
“President Qiu, please accept the appointment and assume the position of president of the company, in charge of the overall situation of the group!”
“President Qiu, take the position of president and take charge of the overall situation of the group!”
“President Qiu, take charge of the company’s overall situation!”
In the courtyard, under the moonlit night, Zhang Xiaosong, Xia Donghai and other people present all worshiped Qiu Mucheng and prayed respectfully.
The voice of respect and the words of worship echoed in the same voice!

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