A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 318

Like the generals of the three armies, Qi Qi worshipped the king who ruled the world, and asked her to return, and ask her to take charge of the overall situation.
Respectful voices converged into a stream, but they echoed for a long time in the entire Qiu family house.
Seeing this scene, Qiu Muying was stunned, Chu Wenfei’s old face was also dull.
Qiu Guang’s eyes widened, and Wang Qiaoyu’s eyes were full of disbelief.
Even the old man Qiu stared at his old faces and trembled.
At this moment, the entire Qiu family was dead silent.
All the voices just disappeared, the ridicule and ridicule of Qiu Mucheng, the appreciation and infatuation with Qiu Muying, disappeared for a moment.
In the hall, everyone was dumbfounded, and their hearts were astonished.
“This this…”
“How is this possible?”
“How could it be her?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“This is absolutely impossible?”
Looking at the Qiu Mucheng who was respected by Zhang Xiaosong, Xia Donghai and others, the entire Qiu family went crazy.
Who would have thought that it was not Qiu Muying that Zhang Xiaosong and others regarded as president, but Qiu Mucheng, who had just been driven out of the house by the Qiu family.
At first everyone thought that after being swept out by the Qiu family, without the protection of the Qiu family and no position in Qiu Shui logistics, Qiu Mucheng would end up miserably. She was afraid that she would fall into poverty and drink the northwest wind, and she might even become a farmer in the country The ending of the country village woman.
However, Mr. Qiu and the others did not expect that they had just driven Qiu Mucheng out of Qiu’s house and removed all her positions in the company. Immediately afterwards, business elites came to worship together and invited Qiu Mucheng to be President.
That’s the president, not much higher than Qiu Mucheng’s position in Qiu Shui Logistics, and even the current position of Qiu Mu Yinglun cannot be compared with it.
As if someone slapped a face on the face, how heavy is this face?
Old man Qiu always flushed, his face looked ugly as if he had been eaten.
And everyone in the Qiu family, who had been gloating and mocking and ridiculing, now changed their previous disdain, and their old faces were full of tremor and envy.
“How much did you get in that month?”
“Is there still a professional manager like Zhang Xiaosong?”
“Qiu Mucheng will not be able to develop in the future?”
“Isn’t the third child’s family completely awesome?!!!”
Many people in Qiu’s family are sighing.
Wang Qiaoyu’s old face was also gloomy and extremely ugly.
Originally, they wanted to see Qiu Mucheng’s bleak and tragic ending today, but Wang Qiaoyu’s family did not expect that Qiu Mucheng turned around in the end. After being expelled by the Qiu family, not only did they end up without becoming miserable, but they even jumped Want to become president? Is the position much higher than her daughter Yingying?
How can Wang Qiaoyu accept this!
“Are these Xiaoguang idiots?”
“I don’t want my daughter, but let Qiu Mucheng be the president?”
“Sooner or later I have to pay them to death!” Wang Qiaoyu cursed angrily.
However, Qiu Guang shook his head and said in a deep voice: “Zhang Xiao 42844f64 is just a famous manager. How can he be wrong when he looks at people?”
“It’s just that, in Qiu Mucheng’s body, is there really a bright spot that we haven’t discovered? It’s so that business elites like Zhang Xiaoguang and Xia Donghai are willing to work for it?”
“Could it be that my Qiu family really has eyes and no beads, and I have driven away a business prodigy for nothing?”
At this moment, Qiu Guang undoubtedly felt a little regretful in his heart. Perhaps they had made the wrong decision to drive Qiu Mucheng away.

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