A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 319

Everyone in the Qiu family was pale, all trembling silently, and there was no trace of arrogance just now.
As for the old man Qiu, his old face was extremely ugly, and his heart was full of shock and tremor.
Finally, she looked at the admired Qiu Mucheng in front of her, smiling sadly.
“No wonder, no wonder you were fearless when you confronted me just now!”
“No wonder you were indifferent to being kicked out of the Qiu family!”
“No wonder you dare to provoke me, provoke your uncle, provoke everyone in the Qiu family!”
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, is this what you rely on?”
Old man Qiu laughed at himself with a sad expression.
I don’t know if it is because of anger or tremor, but the whole body is shaking.
But when the entire Qiu family trembled and fell silent, Qiu Mucheng had already been stunned at the door.
Looking at the business elites who respectfully worshipped her and invited her to preside over the overall situation, Qiu Mucheng was panicked. Remember to read in one second
Until now, Qiu Mucheng hadn’t recovered from the tremor just now, her brain was still blank.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt that the scene before him was like a dream.
She couldn’t figure out why business elites like Zhang Xiaosong were willing to be loyal to herself?
She even couldn’t figure out why these people suddenly appeared in front of her and asked herself to become president of the company?
If it weren’t for Zhang Xiaosong, she had watched it on TV before, otherwise she would really think that these people in front of her were all actors Ye Fan found to make her happy.
“President Qiu, you must not refuse?”
“We really sincerely invite you to come to the company to take charge of the overall situation.”
“As for the salary and treatment, you don’t have to worry about it. It is definitely a hundred times better than the treatment you received at the Qiu family.”
“Even the annual salary of Qiu Guang, the current chairman of Qiu Shui Logistics, is definitely not as good as one-tenth of yours!”
“Furthermore, we have also equipped you with a private car, this year’s newest and produced Porsche Panamera. As your temporary car.”
“When our company is on the right track, we will also consider buying a Maybach business model for Mr. Qiu, the same model as Ma Yun, the richest man in China!
“Only in this way can we show President Qiu’s identity~”
Zhang Xiaosong and others are still persuading.
But everyone in the Qiu family was completely stunned.
The annual salary is ten times that of Qiu Guang?
Is the car a million-class Porsche?
Is it just a temporary car?
Will there be a Maybach with Ma Yun in the future?
My d300e56f days!
How much does it cost?
Tens of millions, right? !
“I can go to Nima!”
Hearing this, Jiang Hong, Qiuming and other Qiu family members were almost crazy.
A car is tens of millions?
What is this concept?
Last year, someone came to buy Qiushui Logistics, but only offered a price of 20 million yuan. However, the performance of Qiushui Logistics has declined this year, and the valuation is probably lower.
In other words, in the future, Qiu Mucheng will be able to compete with their entire Qiushui logistics with a single car?
“It’s bragging!” Wang Qiaoyu felt very uncomfortable, and his pale old face whispered.
However, how small Wang Qiaoyu’s voice is at this time, then how weak her words are.
Not only Wang Qiaoyu, but the entire Qiu family at this time was as if they had eaten flies, and felt very uncomfortable.
A few minutes ago, Qiu Mucheng still had a trivial existence in their eyes, a laughingstock in everyone’s eyes, a weed that everyone could step on, and an existence that everyone disdains.
But who could have imagined that in this blink of an eye, Qiu Mucheng would rise to the sky in one step, and business elites from all walks of life would come to allegiance and change their lives to become the existence that their Qiu family would look up to.
This huge contrast of the salted fish turning over, undoubtedly made those people who had looked down on Qiu Mucheng in front of them very uncomfortable and disappointed.
Perhaps this is human nature.

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