A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 330

Xu Lei was expressionless, did not answer, just nodded to her third uncle, and then squeezed out of the car.
There is no emotion on the delicate face, let alone the joy and joy of returning home after a long absence.
Seeing this, the middle-aged man just smiled helplessly: “After so many years, Leilei, your temper has not changed at all.”
After speaking, the middle-aged man waved his hand and gave a deep drink.
“set off!”
The wheels were speeding, and those luxury cars seemed to pierce the world with a sword. In an instant, a storm swept across the world in Yunzhou.
Before leaving, Xu Lei finally looked back at the place behind her where she had been for nearly ten years.
Red lips lightly opened, and said goodbye in an inaudible voice.
I just don’t know, who is Xu Lei’s goodbye for?
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know about Xu Lei. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Liuyuan District.
Ye Fan, who had just walked to the door of his house, realized that there were a few more cars downstairs.
“I don’t know who’s the customer. It seems to be quite rich. A five-series BMW, this car can’t be driven by ordinary people?”
Ye Fan said to himself, just about to go upstairs, he saw a few people walking down.
“Why are they here?”
Ye Fan frowned suspiciously.
At this time, it was none other than Qiu Mucheng’s parents Han Li and Qiulei who came down from the stairs.
But what puzzled Ye Fan was not the couple, but the three people beside Han Li.
Ye Fan also knew the three of them. It was Qiu Mucheng’s uncle Han Hai and her cousin Han Feifei. The handsome young man next to Han Li who talked and laughed with Han Li was not a stranger, but the rich second generation I met in Jianghai, Sun Yuhao.
During the last trip to the rivers and seas, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng went to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Han, and there were many twists and turns. Even Ye Fanqiu, Mucheng and his wife were having trouble with Han Li’s family.
Ye Fan thought he would never see him again in the future, but he didn’t expect that he would meet him again today.
And it was Han Hai who came personally.
Ye Fan had to wonder, it’s easy, why did Qiu Mucheng’s uncle arrive?
With Sun Woo Ho?
Whatever you take him to do, it’s neither relative nor reason.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t like Sun Yuhao.
Nonsense, which man has a crush on someone who covets his wife?
However, he felt unhappy and returned unhappy. After all, Han Hai was Qiu Mucheng’s elder. From the perspective of his wife’s face, he still had to have the courtesies he should have.
“Uncle, why are you here?”
“Why don’t you tell me in advance, I can pick you up with Mucheng.”
Ye Fan smiled enthusiastically.
However, Han Hai and others didn’t even look at Ye Fan. They just ignored Ye Fan’s greetings as if they hadn’t heard them.
As for the couples of Han Li and Qiulei, they have always ignored Ye Fan. They have never seen Ye Fan before, and naturally they would ignore Ye Fan.
The hot face was pressed against the cold ass, and Ye Fan was directly dried to the side like an invisible person.
It’s good to ignore me, why don’t I bother to talk to you?
Ye Fan smiled coldly, didn’t care about them at all, turned his head and went upstairs.
“Yuhao, I’m so happy that you can come.”
“Don’t you know, since Mucheng came back from Jianghai last time, she has been talking about you. If it weren’t for busy work, she would have gone to Jianghai to look for you.”
“Tonight, we will be the host, and we will pick you up from the dust. You are not allowed to rob us.”
After going downstairs, Han Lidu held Sun Yuhao’s hand tightly along the way. With a happy and enthusiastic look, 2f750838 was completely different from the attitude towards Ye Fan.

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