A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 331

“Okay aunt, no matter how enthusiastic you are, my brother Yuhao was scared away by you.”
“In the evening, you and Brother Yuhao have time to chat. I’m so hungry now. Let’s pick up sister Qiu and go to dinner together.”
At this time, Han Feifei seemed to be hungry, but she interrupted the conversation between Song Li and Sun Yuhao and complained softly.
“Feifei is right, we first go to the company to pick up Mucheng, and then our family will have a big meal.”
“It’s the first time Yuhao comes to Yunzhou. I definitely have to entertain him.” Song Li was very excited. Seeing that Sun Yuhao looked more and more happy, she looked like a mother-in-law watching her son-in-law.
Especially after seeing Sun Yuhao driving a BMW, the smile on his face naturally became more intense, but the words “family” were directly said.
Excited, Han Li immediately greeted everyone in the car to pick up Qiu Mucheng, and then went to dinner together.
“Auntie, do you know where Mucheng’s company is?”
Just then did Sun Yuhao drove the 2651c68d out of the community and asked where to pick up Qiu Mucheng.
Han Li slapped her thigh: “It’s broken, Mucheng just changed company, I don’t know where to work.”
“By the way, Ye Fan’s wretchedness was gone, he should know.” Remember to read for a second
“I’ll call him to ride a bike and lead us ahead!”
It was only at this time that Han Li wanted to get Ye Fan, and immediately called Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was looking at the phone on the sofa at this time. He saw that the phone rang, and it was Han Li’s call. Ye Fan glanced at it and threw it there again, ignoring it.
“Think of your son-in-law now?”
“What did you do early.”
Ye Fan laughed and continued to watch TV leisurely.
“That wimpy won’t answer my call?”
“Reversed him!”
Han Li was obviously mad, and Ye Fan didn’t answer several phone calls.
In the end, Han Li had no choice but to let Sun Yuhao back the car and let Han Feifei go upstairs to call Ye Fan.
However, what Han Li didn’t expect was that when Han Feifei came to the door and shouted for a long time, Ye Fan didn’t even care, let alone open the door to her.
In the end, Han Feifei was so angry that she had to curse and walk down, saying that she could not open the door.
“Is this guy eating the leopard?”
“My mother’s family, he dare not open the door?”
Han Li was so angry that she went out in person and shouted outside the door for a long time. In the end… she didn’t shout.
“Ye Fan, open the door!”
“I’m Mucheng’s uncle, don’t hesitate to come out and open the door!”
At this time, Han Hai, Sun Yuhao and others came to call the door, and even Han Hai revealed his identity.
But in the room, Ye Fan still pretended not to hear, and the sound of the TV turned on loudly. He lay on the sofa and smiled comfortably while knocking the seeds.
Ye Fan is not a saint who retaliates with virtue. Those people just pretended not to see themselves, but now he naturally should not hear.
Come and not be indecent!
“Auntie, will Ye Fan be away?” Han Feifei asked in a deep voice.
“Impossible. The wimpy was still dangling under our eyelids just now, how could we not be at home?”
Outside the door, Han Li, Han Hai and others were almost mad.
Han Li gritted her teeth with anger.
Han Hai also had a gloomy face, and said coldly, “This country boy pretended not to hear. He is retaliating for what we just ignored him.”
“Huh, a hillbilly, who is incapable and incapable, and his temper is not small?”
“Do you really think of yourself as a big shot?”
To Ye Fan, Han Hai is undoubtedly disgusted.
In Dongyang Town before, that Ye Fanhu faked a tiger’s might, using the power of the Jiangdong boss to suppress their Han family, disturbing the old lady’s birthday, causing them Han family’s face to be wiped out and throwing people away.
At that time, all the bigwigs came to worship, which undoubtedly frightened their entire Han family.

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