A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 336

“Mucheng, come back!”
“You damn Nizi, are you going to piss me off?”
“If you don’t take a good BMW, you have to take that useless broken electric car!”
“Damn, your mother will be pissed off by you sooner or later!”
Han Li scolded in angrily.
She couldn’t figure out why her daughter had taken the wrong medicine?
What are the conditions for Yuhao, what are the conditions for Ye Fan?
All fools know how to choose.
But her family’s Mucheng was doing well. In front of so many people, Shao Sun was stunned in public, and she was not ashamed to ride that broken electric car with Ye Fan.
How do you say it’s a company boss?
Isn’t it shameful? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But after scolding and getting angry, Han Li hurriedly comforted Sun Yuhao: “Yuhao, don’t mind. Mucheng is just like this, rather shy. Just wait until you get acquainted with her.”
Sun Yuhao nodded and chuckled, “Auntie, don’t worry. I am sincere to Mucheng. We have only known each other for a short time. It is normal for her not to accept me now. I have enough patience to wait.”
“Only Mucheng will not accept me for one day, and I will not give up for one day!”
“Okay! Yuhao, auntie likes you like this. From today on, you don’t want to call my mother and aunt.”
“I don’t care if Mucheng accepts you or not, but I have already identified you as a son-in-law.”
“Go, good son-in-law, let’s go to Haiyuan Pavilion for dinner.”
Han Li was also afraid that Sun Yuhao, the golden tortoise-in-law, would run away, so she simply took the lead.
Anyway, it is a matter of time for Sun Yuhao to be her son-in-law, so she would not believe it. Could her daughter be a fool, and if she doesn’t marry such a good person, she has to spend a lifetime with a wimp?
For dinner tonight, she had to let Mucheng know the huge gap between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao.
Soon, Han Li and others arrived at Haiyuan Pavilion.
To entertain this future son-in-law, Han Li also worked hard tonight and directly booked a table at Haiyuan Pavilion.
Haiyuan Pavilion is a real high-end luxury restaurant, and most powerful leaders come to Yunzhou to stay in Haiyuan Pavilion.
At the beginning, Chu Wenfei’s engagement banquet was set a few tables in Haiyuan Pavilion, which made Wang Qiaoyu unable to do so at the Qiu Family Cattle, but it was a pity that the Qiu family were all kicked out because of special circumstances.
Of course, Han Li also has her own abacus.
Although she was the host to treat tonight in name, Han Li was so good, she had guessed that Sun Yuhao would definitely not let her take the money.
So, then worry about Mao?
Someone is rushing to pay the bill anyway.
Then she can be a little polite.
Soon, Ye Fan rode Qiu Mucheng to the restaurant on an electric vehicle. Han Hai finally came to Yunzhou, even if it was for Han Hai, Qiu Mucheng, the niece, couldn’t be absent from this dinner tonight.
“Why are you going in?”
“This is no place for you.”
“You’d better watch your electric car outside? Save 9ff7a5e2 and be stolen.” Ye Fan was about to go in with Qiu Mucheng, but was stopped by Han Feifei.
“Feifei, don’t be rude to your brother-in-law!” Qiu Mucheng groaned.
“Sister Qiu, why are you still speaking for him? Besides, what I said is not wrong, there is no place for him tonight. Brother Yuhao is the aunt’s distinguished guest, and my father and I are both aunt’s Family members should also be seated. But what is he?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, a poor dick from the country, this kind of person can’t get on the table at all?”
“Fifei is right!”
“He won’t have his seat at dinner tonight, so let him watch the car here.” Han Li echoed.
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng was a little displeased, Sun Yuhao stepped up at this moment and said generously: “Mom, let him serve the table.”
“It is estimated that Mucheng is pitiful to see him. He has never been to this high-end restaurant in his entire life, and he has eaten high-end food.”
“This time we will treat it as a good thing, Brother Yuanye has a dream, let him follow us once.”

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