A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 338

“No need, just keep a little memory next time.”
“Remember, be a calm person.”
Ye Fan didn’t have general knowledge with him, and after saying a few words, he went into the restaurant to meet with Qiu Mucheng and the others.
However, Han Feifei and the others obviously didn’t want Ye Fan to eat with them, and they didn’t even leave a seat for Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was not angry with their little movements, moved his seat from the side and squeezed in.
“Mucheng, move over there and leave me some space.”
Ye Fan whispered, Qiu Mucheng nodded, and gave Ye Fan a place for him to sit in.
“I’m embarrassed to plug in if there is no place?”
“Really f20dd5bc is shameless!” Han Feifei snorted and whispered.
Han Li and the others looked at Ye Fan with disgust.
But he didn’t say anything more, just pity him. First URL m.
Afterwards, Han Li and the others chatted with Sun Yuhao, talking and laughing, and asked Qiu Mucheng a few words from time to time.
For a while, the table full of people talked and laughed, enjoying themselves.
However, none of Han Li and others paid attention to Ye Fan, let alone said a word to Ye Fan.
They ignored themselves, Ye Fan was too lazy to be boring, so he simply lowered his head and ate vegetables and tea there.
That lonely appearance is like an abandoned child abandoned by the world, but so lonely.
Seeing Ye Fan’s lonely and pitiful look, Sun Yuhao felt more proud, shaking his head and smiling.
Ye Fan Ye Fan, this is the gap between you, a countryman, and us.
It’s like separated by a world.
Qiaobi should stay in a poor world. You, Mucheng, and us are not people in the same world.
Sun Yuhao smiled triumphantly, and then he even picked up the jug and poured wine on everyone, except that he didn’t give it to Ye Fan, as if he was deliberately isolating Ye Fan.
“Master, master~”
However, when Sun Yuhao, Han Feifei and others were scornful of Ye Fan, no one saw it. Not far away, Peng Zhenying, the director of the restaurant, was also watching Ye Fan.
“Manager, what are you talking about?” the next man asked puzzledly.
Peng Zhenying pointed to Ye Fan’s direction: “Have you seen that table of people?”
“At that table, almost all of them are dressed in famous brands, but only the young man is dressed in plain clothes.”
“As the saying goes, the more you lack, the more you want to show off.”
“Only the poor will be a luxury brand, the real top rich, but they are simple and low-key.”
“Just like Jack Ma, the richest man in China, is not usually dressed in white and short sleeves and wears ordinary clothes.”
“But are they really ordinary?”
“of course not!”
“The dignity of these noble people is carved in the bones, and there is no need for those vulgar things to express.”
Peng Zhenying’s head was right, and the subordinates on the side couldn’t help nodding, but thought it made sense.
“Also, look again.”
“At that table, the rest of the people talked and laughed, and it was very lively. But the young man alone seldom participated in their conversations.
“You said, why is this?”
Peng Zhenying paused, and then continued to speak. In his words, he was full of admiration: “This is where the cold is overcome.”
“The height of that little gentleman is beyond the reach of the vulgar people beside him.”
“They are like people in two worlds.”
“One is a top-notch with a wealth of wealth, and one side is a villager who barely makes ends meet.”
“What do you think can be said between that little gentleman and those humble villagers?”
“Master, that’s it.”
Peng Zhenying couldn’t help sighing with emotion, full of admiration and admiration for Ye Fan.
In the end, Peng Zhenying couldn’t help her feelings, and immediately ordered her subordinates: “Go, bring me the bottle of fine wine that has been kept for many years. It is my honor for this little gentleman to come to my Haiyuan Pavilion. Manager, naturally have to express it in the past.”

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