A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 339

“Mucheng, Yuhao came to Yunzhou on business this time, and he came to see you specially during his busy schedule.”
“This friendship is not unimportant.”
“Why do you have to respect Yuhao a bar?”
In the restaurant, Han Li and others were still eating and drinking.
At this time, Han Hai suddenly proposed to ask Qiu Mucheng to offer Sun Yuhao a glass of wine.
“Yes, yes, my brother is right.”
“Mucheng, you must respect Yuhao this glass of wine.”
“You are disrespectful, I don’t agree with my mother.”
While talking, Han Li filled Qiu Mucheng with wine.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help it. Both her parents and uncle had spoken. Even if she didn’t want to, she bit the bullet and offered Sun Yuhao a glass of wine.
“How about a cup? Another cup.” Han Hai suggested again. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Sun Yuhao’s father is the boss of the Ten Billion Group. Han Hai also plans to wait for his daughter to enter Sun Yuhao’s company as an executive as soon as he graduates from college.
If this marriage is done, Sun Yuhao will definitely think of his good. Then, naturally, there is no need to worry about her daughter’s work.
So Han Hai naturally tried his best to match up the relationship between Qiu Mucheng and Sun Yuhao.
After respecting Sun Yuhao, Han Hai found an excuse for Qiu Mucheng to accompany her for a few more drinks.
Han Li was not willing to be lonely, and wanted her daughter to accompany her to drink.
Looking at this posture, Han Hai and the others are going to get drunk Qiu Mucheng.
The fact is indeed the case. Sun Yuhao said he had the patience to wait, but Han Li and Han Hai did not.
After a while, what should I do if Sun Yuhao finds a new love after a long time has passed?
Therefore, the two Han Hai brothers and sisters have already discussed it, and they will get Qiu Mucheng drunk at the dinner, and simply let Qiu Mucheng and Sun Yuhao cook mature rice at night.
At that time, even if Qiu Mucheng wanted to oppose it, she couldn’t oppose it, so she naturally followed Sun Yuhao.
“Daughter, mom is also good for you.”
“Following Ye Fan’s uselessness, you have to suffer for a lifetime.”
“And if you marry Sun Yuhao, you will be blessed for the rest of your life.”
Han Li said in her heart, and then picked up the wine bottle to continue filling Qiu Mucheng.
“Well, no wine?” Han Li was taken aback.
Sun Yuhao smiled and said, “It’s okay, Mom, I’ll let them send another bottle.”
“Waiter, another bottle of good wine!”
Sun Yuhao greeted, but at this time Peng Zhenhua came over with a bottle of wine.
A long distance away, Peng Zhenhua shouted respectfully to Mr. Ye Fan, “Little Mr., you can come to my Haiyuan Pavilion for dinner. I’m very honored to have Peng Zhenhua. A bottle of good wine is given here. At the meeting ceremony, the second is to apologize for the offense just now.”
“I’m going, aren’t you the manager of the restaurant? The one who accompanied the deputy mayor just now?”
“Manager Peng is too polite, your status is honorable, why are we embarrassed to accept your wine?” As soon as Peng Zhenhua walked over, Qiu Lei was so excited that he quickly got up and laughed, his mouth full of flowers. The head of the Haiyuan Pavilion personally delivered the wine, which was not a shame.
However, Peng Zhenhua still ignored him, his eyes were always on Ye Fan, and he respectfully said: “I have treasured this Moutai for many years, and I haven’t been willing to drink it. Today, the good wine is given to the nobles. I hope the young man will not dislike it.”
Listening to Peng Zhenhua’s words, Qiu Lei, Qiu Mucheng and others were full of doubts.
Little sir?
Who is the little sir?
Peng Zhenhua ignored the doubts of Qiulei and others, and had to deliver the wine to Ye Fan.

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