A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 340

However, Ye Fan frowned again and again at this time, waved at Peng Zhenhua from a distance, and motioned to him not to deliver wine.
Ye Fan’s gesture made Peng Zhenhua slightly puzzled, wondering if it was because the young man wanted to keep a low profile and didn’t want to reveal his identity?
“A superior is a superior, indifferent to fame and fortune, low-key, low-key, high-profile accident.”
For a while, Peng Zhenying admired Ye Fan even more, and finally did not name Ye Fan, but just smiled and put the wine on the wine table.
“The little gentleman eats and drinks well. If you have anything to order, I’ll just wait over there.”
Peng Zhenying left after serving the wine.
Only leaving behind the table full of doubts.
“This old guy.”
The corner of Ye Fan’s eyes twitched, and he secretly scolded the old thing for being confused and not letting him give the wine. If this wine gets my wife drunk, how can I clean up you?
“It’s weird, who is the little sir?” Remember to read for a second
“Who did Manager Peng deliver the wine?” When Ye Fan was speechless, Qiulei asked in confusion.
“It goes without saying that it must be our family Yuhao.”
“Just now Yuhao ordered a bottle of wine, and then Manager Peng delivered it.”
“It’s definitely Chong Yuhao here.”
“Mucheng, have you seen it? This is power. This person is powerful and powerful, and there are people who fawn up everywhere.”
“Is it Yuhao?” Han Li was already happy at this moment.
This “our family Yuhao” has already been called, and it seems that the two of them have already regarded Sun Yuhao as their son-in-law, completely ignoring Ye Fan’s slightest thoughts.
Sun Yuhao was also a little confused at first. He didn’t know Peng Zhenhua. Why did he serve the wine directly and apologize?
Could it be that I, Sun Yuhao, had just been promoted to the CEO of the company, and his reputation had spread to Yunzhou?
Thinking of this, Sun Yuhao is undoubtedly more contented, his waist straightened a bit.
“Is Brother Yuhao really getting better and better?”
“Everyone in Yunzhou knows your name.”
“This Jiangdong just came out of Mr. Chu, it seems that Jiang Hai will have a Mr. Sun again?” Han Feifei joked with a smile.
“Mr. Chu, what Mr. Chu? Is it better than our family Yuhao?” Han Li and his wife were curious.
“No, Brother Yuhao is the best.” Han Feifei smiled.
But Sun Yuhao hurriedly said: “Feifei, don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Chu is the honor of Jiangdong, and Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao is all looking at his horse’s head. Even Yunzhou Li Erye and Jingzhou Lei San Ye, both respect him as a teacher and respect him. Like a father.”
“Mr. Chu is a talent that has been hard to come by in Jiangdong for a century. How can I compare with Mr. Chu, Sun Yuhao?
When he said this, Sun Yuhao was full of admiration, and in his words, there was endless respect and admiration.
Sun Yuhao has always been aloof, but Mr. Chu is the only person he admired in his life!
Moreover, he came to Yunzhou this time because of Mr. Chu!
“I’ll go, is Mr. Chu so good?”
“The Lord of Jiangdong?”
“Then if he becomes my son-in-law, isn’t my Mucheng the queen of Jiangdong, then Han Li is the queen mother?” Han Li said with a trembling, her eyes widened.
“Haha, aunt, just dream, and everyone wants to be a son-in-law~”
“Who is Mr. Chu, and how can he fall in love with a little like us?”
Everyone laughed, but when everyone talked and laughed, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were always looking at Ye Fan beside him.
Of course she knew the name of Mr. Chu.
Below Mount Tai, she witnessed Mr. Chu’s fame in the first battle.
However, since that day, Qiu Mucheng has always had a crazy idea in her heart.
So she looked at Ye Fan at this time, wanting to see something strange from Ye Fan.
However, he was disappointed.
From beginning to end, Ye Fan remained unmoved when he heard Mr. Chu’s name. The whole person is as calm as water, as if listening to someone who has nothing to do with him.
“Could it be that I really think too much?”
Qiu Mucheng looked at the man with a strange light in her beautiful eyes.

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