A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 341

“Also, I also heard that this Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Chu will also appear at the Yunzhou venue of the “Mid-Autumn Night” auction.”
“My father and Brother Yuhao are here for this auction this time.”
“It is said that at this auction, a mysterious auction item of Mr. Chu will appear at the Yunzhou venue.”
“Now the whole Jiangdong upper class circle is crazy.”
“Many rich and powerful people are almost rushing to Yunzhou.”
“Auntie, this Mid-Autumn Festival, your Yunzhou City can be lively.”
Among the wine table, Han Feifei kept talking.
When talking about Mr. Chu, Han Feifei’s words are also full of admiration and respect.
That kind of feeling is like a little fan girl talking about her idol star.
After all, this kind of legend standing at the peak of Jiangdong’s power, even if you don’t need to see him, his status and status alone have a great personality charm.
“Auction? What auction?” The first website m.
“Where will it be held? It seems to be very lively. Your uncle and I want to join in the fun too?”
Han Li is a person who is unwilling to be lonely. When he heard Han Feifei’s words, she quickly asked where the auction was held. It just happened that they were all right on the Mid-Autumn Festival night?
However, Han Feifei shook her head and smiled: “Auntie, don’t think about the auction. It’s not something we people can participate in.”
“The people who go in are all top dignitaries from all over Jiangdong, and the worst worth is one billion.”
“The worst worth is more than a billion?”
“I Di Niang~”
“This person is really not equal to other people.”
“Mucheng, do you see the gap? Compared to the powerful, we are just a few terrapins, we don’t even have the qualifications to go in, and I haven’t even heard of this Mid-Autumn Night auction before~”
Han Li sighed for a while, and suddenly felt the huge gap between rich and poor.
The poor and the rich indeed live in two different worlds.
“Yuhao, you have to work hard too.”
“We are very optimistic about you.”
“You may not be as good as Li Erye, Mr. Chu and the others, but your biggest advantage is that you are younger than them.”
“Stick harder, even if you can’t climb the height c7b3fe6c of Mr. Chu, you have to climb to the height of Yunzhou Li Erye.”
“So that we can also enjoy the scenery with you.”
This is how Han Li and his wife have been in this life. She can only pin her hopes of success on her son-in-law.
As for her own daughter, she can’t do it. A woman who is a woman can make small troubles, but he still has to rely on men.
This is why Han Li wants Qiu Mucheng to marry a good man.
When Sun Yuhao heard this, a touch of arrogance suddenly appeared in the corner of his mouth, and he said with a smile: “Mom, don’t worry.”
“I have a clear plan for my future life.”
“Perhaps now I am not as good as Mr. Chu, not as good as Li Erye, not as good as Chen Ao Chen, but I believe that in twenty years, even ten years, these people who make me look up will be stepped on by Sun Yuhao. .”
“At that time, I will let this Jiangdong have only one voice, that is my Sun Yuhao’s voice!”
Sun Yuhao said proudly, here the world is actually only Sun Yuhao’s reverberation.
“If you marry, you should marry this!”
“Mucheng, look, this is masculine!”
“Look at that scumbag again. It’s not as good as a woman. In front of Yuhao, that scumbag is just shit~”
Han Li and others admired each other, Qiulei gave Sun Yuhao a thumbs up, and Han Feifei admired and shouted the mighty brother of Yuhao.
But when they touted Sun Yuhao, they still didn’t forget to step on Ye Fan.

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